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  • canswede ·
    Hi, I just got a B200T a month ago. 2007, cvt, premium package 74,000 km. As it was getting colder here in Ottawa, (Canada) I noticed there was no air-flow to the floor. At all settings there was always air coming thru the dash-vents. So , I took it to the dealer for a check. (under warranty) When I picked it up I was told they had "aligned the motor-linkage". And there was now air-flow to the feet. BUT there is still air coming thru the dash-vents NO MATTER THE SETTING. I've been reading with interest past post about other heating-issues, but have seen no mention of this. So any-way , I was shown a car on the lot (2009) and it did the same thing!!! The only way to improve the air-flow to the feet is to close the dash-vent. Every other car that I owned (including my wife's C-class) when you turn on the defrost, no more air thru the dash, when you turn heat to the floor, you also turn off the air-flow thru the dash. Right? Are they all like this? :confused:
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