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  • jac9f ·
    Hi Bruce,
    sorry to take so long to get back to you. For your first question, I am still happy with the handling every single time I drive it. Very level while cornering. Great balance. My only issues are minor: 1. The 2 bars seem to push the plastic sway bar links out more so they hit the inner backing plate just a small bit.
    this has almost gone a way as they've dented the backing plates just enough for clearance. 2. I have to occasionally tighten up the nuts and bolts at the end of the sway bars, I recommend some longer bolts than what I used and some more serious lock hardware. Ultimately I'd love to make that center piece that connects the two bars and the link out of something with heim joints. maybe when it's next warm again. All in all, it's an amazing difference in the cornering and agility of our w126's and really quite easy. Highly recommended!
    thanks for your compliments.

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