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  • capt john avery ·
    Hi CR I am honoured to accept your friend request, I know we have some shared views. I applaud your efforts to bring understanding of the Muslim in America experience. I keep bees and practice Apitherapy. Cheers Chris Bright
    capt john avery ·
    Hi friend CR Glad you are here presenting solid proof of ongoing Israeli wrong doing. I have always felt the injustice to Palestinians abhorrant and you know the rest. I am not a Muslim or Christian, I just see it as unbelievably bad. I am trying to ignore NJ. Cheers Chris
    Diego97 ·
    CR, i've been reading your posts regarding the clunking noise you were experiencing, I have an '97 E420 with a clunk when i turn the steering wheel left to right, what did yours end up being?


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