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  • Steve_vaskas ·
    btw took out the sc sound, no power wth...i know the sc was failing but was working most the time now it wont turn up at all
    Steve_vaskas ·
    Thanks...I had taken everything apart and I found most or all pieces in the supercharger which I took out and blew out any small pieces looked everywhere for any pieces but didn't find so I put everything together. Works almost like before except it doesn't start perfect like stutters I guess u can say a ltl bit and it feels more sluggish...did I not put something in right or something could have got feels like before the supercharger starts its sluggish
    Steve_vaskas ·
    hey i saw some of your comment, so u sound like u know a lot about this car. so here it is!
    i was fulling around with the supercharger since for some reason sometimes the supercharger wouldnt work.. so i took off the bypass valve and once that was off i had forgotten to take off the cloth so nothing gets inside and it sucked it in the supercharger... what do i do now? car made a noise and didnt start not that i want it too but i didnt know what the problem was at 1st. thanks if u can help
    hew_1999 ·
    UPDATE 5/23/2013: Was the starter; got the factory Bosch @$325 delivered. 1 hour to put in. Done

    Hi, I have the same car minus the extra love you've given yours. I have just hit 100k and only driven the car about 1500miles of it. I've been very impressed with your advice and this is why I'm here now...
    Today, as always, the car starts fine (noisy kompressor bearings at idle, etc) except while out running appointments and it just barely cranked as normal and then nothing. Turn the key repeatedly, nada. Luckily I was on a hill and push started it. Fuses 31, 52, and 57 are good and I replaced them anyway. #52 is still the 15 amp. Tried jumping the battery for giggles and still nothing. I hear the normal relay clicking under the hood, the fuel pump, etc... I am new to the mercedes world and am realizing this car needs a lot of love... Your help is HUGE and my email is [email protected]; number is 617-590-6693 if you want to call. Thanks, Bill
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