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  • Blue Seven ·
    I read your post about Ozone Generators. You seem to be very well informed on the subject. You said: "Ozone is an oxidant and can destroy such things as leather, vinyl and rubber, but only if misused and for long periods of time.
    However, the treatment time for ozone in automobile interiors is far from a long period of time. The typical treatment time for odors in automobiles is only 1 to 3 hours. Leather will typically not start to dry out until it has been exposed to ozone for 8 to 10 hours." I had my car treated by a dealer to remove mildew with an ozone machine for 24 hours. I have heard that excessive ozone treatment will cause rubber, vinyl and leather to prematurely age and crack well before they should. If you could tell me the source of your data, i would appreciate it. Thanks for your help. - Blue Seven
    austaccomm ·
    Hi i saw your post where you removed all the dash pieces from the slk and re sprayed them. I have a 1999 slk. Today i spent most of the day to remove the passenger side glove box and then used a spunge scouror soaked in metholated spirits to remove the pain and then hire pressure hose washed the 2 pieces of the glove box.

    i am undecided to either apply a plastic protector over them leaving it black or else have it professionally re painted. Repainted there is always a risk of future scratches etc peeling just as it has occurred, they painted these parts in the factory for a $100,000 car.

    Can you advise on steps involved to be able to remove the centre console and the side panels of the centre console on either side of the sound system air con. You clearly have succeeded in removing your own to re spray i would appreciate your input


    Claude Raila
    Brisbane Australia
    [email protected]
    4REAL ·
    Hi. Can you tell me what was your warning about?If it's about my comment on E500 Renntech-es page ,then for your information I tried my best to warn other members to stay away from him (based on my recent experience).Is it against forum rules?
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