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  1. 2002 ML500 mechanic error??

    W163 M-Class
    I have solved problems here in the past (ABS and traction issue) so I wanted to post again. I know nothing about vehicles so I needed some input. I just got my car back yesterday I got a new starter put in. So i was driving to the auto parts store to return the old starter (hey thats 22 bucks!)...
  2. 2002 ML500 bas esp / esp / abs failure

    W163 M-Class
    I am trying to figure out how to get to the mechanic (mercedes mechanic) and will post.
  3. Completely Disable ESP

    W163 M-Class
    I just had this whole issue happen to me repeatedly. Did you figure out how to turn off the abs? Can i just pull the fuses?
  4. 2002 ML500 bas esp / esp / abs failure

    W163 M-Class
    I have had all the warning lights come on sporadically all pointing towards the abs module. The issue im having is when i go to apply the brakes, even a slight tap makes the brakes lock and the car screeches to a halt. Its very scary even happens when ive gone over 50mph. It doesnt do it all the...