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  • gleder ·
    Brett - Many apologies for the delayed response back and appreciate your responses for the post. I have not yet taken on the permenent fix for the door closing assist pump, which still leaks (somewhere) and therefore times-out fairly often - first thing would be to find the location of the pump and how access it?

    In the interim time since we wrote, I have completed a long (and expensive) list of repairs and replacements: Engine Wire harness, rotor caps, new Duo valve, new smog pump, 3x rubber engine mounts, etc. As much as I LOVE this car, I am beginning to wonder about the wisdom of owning one since the repair costs (so far) have now exceeded the price i paid for it! Anyway, my latest issue (and on another post i submitted) is the blower is stuck on high setting and the blower regulator is apparently the cause and i have purchased a replacement - now need to locate the blower location and replace/install the regulator.
    gleder ·
    Brett: I am new owner of 1995 S420 with 72k mi. First, my problem is the door assist functions fine for a limited number of "closes" and then a reset of fuse #9 will temporarily fix the problem. There are many posts available on this topic, but please can you provide your latest and definitive direction? 1 post referred you as the original author and a adjustment to a pressure screw on the pump solved the problem and you saved people buying a new and expensive pump. Second, I have an issue with the left AND right side air vents - when the A/C is turned on, hot air continues to blow through the side air vents? Meanwhile the two center vents in the dash are blowing cold air just fine. I end up using the diverter wheel to turn off the air flow to the side air vents, but it would be nice if I had cold A/C coming from all the vents. Do you have any ideas? I'm looking forward to getting to know the W140 community and REALLY appreciate your expertise!
    donaldrshaw ·
    Hi Brett,

    Your forum posts have been very helpful to lots of visitors. I certainly look forward to your posts when researching a problem. I have a 1995 S-320 with a vacuum pump situation. Here is a cut and paste from a posting I entered earlier to day:

    Recently a non-MB mechanic replaced the pump. Being new to MB, he didn't disconnect the batteryl.

    Now, I have a no-start situation. A friend of his who works on MB said he thought it would be the security lockout causing the no-start.

    I have been unable to find out how to re-train the car to accept the new pump. I have tried leaving the battery disconnected for more than 12 hours, then turning the key to drain the capacitors before reconnecting the battery. Still, no-start.

    Would any one have some ideas I can try before I call a tow truck for another $1,000.00 diagnostic repair bill by the MB dealer?

    Because my wife now considers her favorite car to be a boat anchor, your insight will be much appreciated.
    Dazz ·
    Thanks for the reply and for keeping your knowledge alive in the forums. People like you help us keep these wonderful cars on the road. I did see some of the info posted, I will read through the postings. I was looking at my manual override on the trunk and it looks like they disassembled it so that the trunk fully closed. The people I guess were too lazy to press the override button to shut the trunk. So my guess is that I will have to buy a new mechanism or get it from a junk yard and transfer my lock. Any suggestions on this mess, looks like they removed the button.
    Dazz ·

    I have ran across numerous Mercedes advocates who claim you articles on the closing assist pump and PSE pump for W140 has helped them diagnose their issue. All the links that point to this article no longer work. I was wondering if you could provide me with this article. I just purchased a 1996 S500 coupe and the door locks, lumbar, trunk assist, door assist, etcs are not working. Basically everything between both pumps not working. Looks like someone removed the manual button on trunk latch so that it could always be shut manually without resetting the button. thanks pat.
    rikana ·
    Hi Brett,
    When i checked my vin decode it didn't have that SLS code but has ADS. You can check WDB1400332A401522. I have since narrowed the strut part number to 1403209913/9613. Is this correct??
    thanks Brett.
    rikana ·
    Hi Brett,
    Can you please help me with this??
    I have a rear right leaking strut. My car is S320 LWB with ADS but no SLS. What is the part number for this shock/ dumper and is it the same whether the car has SLS or not?? I have read a lot on all the mods one can do to make the car use normal struts but I want to keep my vehicle as close to OEM as possible.
    zuicidal_zeth ·
    No problems, ive got an emanual for everything on the car so can get most info I need, so far done the front springs, shock absorbers, pse pump, close assist pump, had the air bag off and steering wheel in order to change wiper control arm, just need to put two new front wings on, sort the micro switch out and it'll be ready for a respray. if you ever need the program about the s series and sl series just let me know and I can upload it to a utorrent site, 8 gigabytes of information, just not as detailed as yours. cheers Rich
    zuicidal_zeth ·
    Hi Brett, firstly id like to thank you for your amazing article on the vacuum pump and the pse pump. it helped greatly when fixing the close assist pump and also when fixing the pse pump on a 1994 s320. there are currently dc motors on ebay that fit and work perfect for the pse pump, shaft just need shortening and the flat drive milled on to it. secondly I was wondering if I could pick your brains regarding the trunk soft closure. all doors work bar the driers door, sucks in then pops about 2mm out after pump shuts off ( adjust run time? ) and my trunk will not soft close, it does not even tell the pump to work so assuming it would be the micro switch in the trunk lid. would you ha e any info regarding changing this switch? any help is greatly appreciated.thank you . Rich
    Hey Brett,
    My name is Isaia, I am having what I believe to be the pump assist problem that you have described in other posts. The problem I that I try to open the links and a page comes up saying "page not found" is there another way I could see this post? Thank for your time
    Jre32 ·
    I have a 97 S500 coupe I bought last Sept - 97,000 miles. All the service records indicate the oil has been changed every 5-6,000 miles (annually) using non-synthetic 20-50 oil. I am getting ready to change it. Some people are telling me to not use Castrol GTX 20-50 for various reasons. Too thick they say. Reduced gas mileage was another reason.The car was purchased new in Jan. 97 MB of SF and lived in a garage in the Bay Area until last Sept. I live in the Fresno CA area. Mild winters and hot summers. Why should I not stick to what has been working for the past 16 yrs - runs great and no leaks. Thanks for your opinion,
    Jan Reeves
    Merc600sec ·
    Yo Brett
    Still on the planet .. not been doing a lot though ..
    How are you
    still here I see... just having a nose to see what you forum buzz is
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