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    Dave - Do you still have a set of Euro logs on a shelf somewhere? I saw an old old post and didnt see where anyone said they bought them... sent you a PM too but not sure if it went through...
    Let me know,
    Las Vegas
    abad190 ·
    do you still have the LH? if you do email me back at [email protected]

    1992-94 500E/E500 WOT LH fuel enrichment module $250
    Early 1992 LH module for 500E/E500, with the WOT fuel enrichment that is missing in later models.

    PN 012-545-6232, date code 11/91.

    Tested in my 500E and guaranteed against DOA.

    $250, I do PayPal.
    1mbzdoc ·
    hello i might be able to help with smog issue. i have been dealing with mercedes and california smog for 20+ years. nox is caused by to hot of cumbustion chamber. need to cool intake air or heat up cat. im in rancho cordova and have been a mb club member 20+ years. the outside temp need to be cool to get past nox or a good working egr system. but looks like you dont have egr
    felmir ·
    still wating for a refund from you did what you asked me to send the wiring harness you sold to me to this fellow in washington state about a month ago

    luapsnek ·
    Hi Bondavi,
    A simple question... Have you purchased Tri Y's from Daniel888 in Poland and if so did you have any problems getting them??
    In the past I responded twice to his offer only to be told that you had beat me out of the items. This last time I was offered them first and after several months I was told he had them and was ready to ship... send money. so far I have had no response to my inquiry.
    Thanks for any help with info, Ken Spaulding
    daryn ·
    I am interested in the seats depending on the price. I dont have any to trade. I might also be interested in the trunk spoiler.

    I am in Grass Valley area now. I have to use the phone which sucks. If you want to either call me at 5306151893 or email at [email protected] Thank you!
    81126 ·
    Hey David - this EZL thing has me wondering....I just pulled the top plug of the underhood EZL to check the pins....there are 7, with an empty hole for an eighth.

    Part no. is 013 545 78 28 with 925 102 underneath that...

    Mine's an 87 fer to cast some light?

    And after checking the price on these suckers, well....I didn't pay that much more to get my entire 300SD back.

    Hope all is good with you - best, Chris
    Daniel8888 ·

    I read and I konwn that you have some knolage about motor in 560 sec,

    I would like to ask mayby you known, does head from euro 560(1989-1991) fit to US engine from 1991, are the block of those 2 engine the same ?
    I would like to change it but nead a information if it is possible,

    thanks for your replay
    bondavi ·
    Wow Charlie, you are equally as generous wit these. I know Henric (48hp) really wants these so if his need is more immediate than mine I'd be glad if he gets it. Just a thought.
    Chadahar ·
    I just retrieved the SEC rear glass from Mauricio's Auto Body in Lancaster, where I had it stashed. it has the remnant of the original seal and the bright trim and no de-lamination, those, and the new MB rear glass rubber seal are yours. I have no present need for these and you have given me so much.

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