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  • BioNerd ·
    Hey Jerry, I wasn't the one asking for a tranny. Ask in the BBQ thread because there should be the member who was askin for it.
    tinchariot ·
    HI Carlos

    Its Jerry with the 190DT from the BBQ on Sunday,
    are you the one who asked about a 722.3 trans?
    If so give me a call to match one up.

    Teph 300CD ·
    Hi Carlos,
    I might want to buy your window regulator if I can't find a good one at Pick and Pull in the next few days. Your LH Front should be fine for my 300CD?
    Any plans on a Pick and Pull trip?
    Teph 300CD ·
    Thanks for the BIO advice. I thought BioFuel Oasis would be the closest place for reliable fuel for me in Albany. Any other good sources of 99% you know about?Thanks Teph
    Bthedinger ·
    Finally signed up to the Benz forum. I think my clutch is in trouble :( Sticking to the floor sometimes. And I can't downshift into 2nd when the car is going above 5-10 mph. Talk soon. ~B
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