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  • Mercedes>Bmw ·
    I like the black on charcoal two tone you have, do you have any links of pictures of it so I can post it on the site? Thanks
    Marioo ·
    Hi can you be more specific how to open hood with out cable. My bonnet is stuck. When I was closing hood something happen and only LHS is close. I try open again from inside car but is not working. Please help my how I can open hood wile Im under a car .

    cerbu ·
    hi name is Toni and i'm from south-africa.I wonder if you can help.I have a s320 and i need to replace the gearbox.The gearbox has the number 722604 but i can't get hold of another gearbox with the same number.Is there other gearbox that i can use,i mean another gearbox with a different number?....thank you
    jteichgrab ·
    So much for my investigation--took 91 500sl to shop and had it checked out and the regulator is stained and they beleive that is what the problem is however after the fuel was down to 3 quarters of a tank the smell went away. The regulator has to be ordered from Germany and will cost me $800 no returns. Is this the way to go?
    boydpd ·
    Hey there Bayhas - I read your post about your friends repair shop.. I messed up pretty big time. I recently picked up a '79 240D and didnt know how much oil it ate up. I was driving up north a week ago and saw my oil pressure light start to go down. Had to drive 45 mins at half mast before I could get to the closest gas station to get more oil. Since, I've had a knock in my engine. I don't have time to rip it apart (it's my only car). Do ya think Moe would tear into my engine for a reasonable price to diagnose the problem/possibly fix it (if it makes more sense than finding a donor..). I'd appreciate your input. I could leave it with him for a week (cuz I'm goin on a business trip soon). I feel like a huge idiot... love that car
    mrbubbler ·
    i have having some problems with a 95 S500. i got a check engine light for 019 fuel injectors, 096 starter lockout and reverse switch, 017 crankshaft position sensor.

    The local shop which i normally get work done has really lost my faith and i do not trust their advice or pricing. They claimed that all those codes could be caused by the crankshaft sensor and that it needed to be replaced.

    Any thoughts or opinions of things i should try before replacing the sensor?

    thanks for your time

    kevinpuri ·
    Hi bayhas,

    I saw that you were online so I would pick you're brain for a second.
    I have recently found a nice set of AMG's with tires.
    Font is ET44 245/45/18 on 8.5 rim and the rears are ET46 275/40/18 on 9.5 rim.

    I remember reading one of your past posts where you somehow were able to calculate the overall diameter of tires in a percentage form differnt then stock.
    e.g. (0.2% difference from stock)

    Are these tires in the correct ballpark to keep my car running the same? (s500)

    Sorry for the long question, but I would greatly appreciate you help.

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