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  • williamn ·
    Thanks for the pics, just wanted to save time by not removing the lower control arm, but also thinking about replacing the lower ball joint since the car has a little over 80K, just a thought. Thanks again!
    Bansai ·
    Hi MoveOverRover,
    I had the same problem with this alternator. You need to return it back and buy/exchange new one with one terminal. I had the same issue and finally bought alternator in local Mercedes Benz parts shop. If you in NoVA then I can provide an address where you can get it.
    MoveOverRover ·
    Bonsai, I'm hoping you can share w/ me your experience with the Bosch AL0788X alternator. My 2000 E320 has the same Valeo alternator as yours did (0111546202) I purchased a Bosch AL0788X to replace it and realized that everything seems to match except the Bosch has two stud Terminals labeled B1+ and B2+, whereas the Valeo has only one Terminal labeled B+. The B1+ on the Bosch is in approx the same position as the B+ on the Valeo, and stick out the same amount (~2cm). The B2+ terminal of the Bosch is nearly flush with the back of the alternator.

    My questions is, should I be concerned that there are 2 terminals on the Bosch? Are they different from each other (electrically)? I'm tempted to just connect the cable from the car to the B1+ of the Bosch and ignore the B2+, but I'm also fearful that if I am wrong then something catastophic might happen. Can you recall how your installation went and how you wired up the cables to the Bosch AL0788X? Thanks for any insight you can share.
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