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  • KRH ·
    Hi Axel, please PM me or email me [email protected] as i need pics and info on your engine mounts that were adapted/used in the engine conversion and mods needed to the engine bay to allow fitment without any rubbing. Also what downpipes were adapted? Would be much appreciated if you could respond (email best) cheers Kim
    MBL87560SEC ·
    Hi Axel,

    Can we please put this Bruce Mendell / Jonathan Hodgeman post in archive / lock it please?

    Enough I think.. There are new members that know neither of them chiming here with name calling, values, & testosterone….

    Joth. added a lot, in his way over time helped a lot of people…

    Bruce represents some simply GREAT Mercs… I have see a couple of them as sold to others at an MB meet a few years ago.

    Bruce is seemingly a mature individual able to make up his mind, set things in motion, and get results… Why this pissing contest has gone on as long as it has is beyond me..
    In my opinion Bruce M. is well capable of either going the distance from Pennsylvania to Georgia to pay damages & retrieve his car… or send a representative to do the same.

    Please… I think this over 325 post opinion pole, as it were, does nothing for the good of our membership at large.

    May we please stop it now?

    Thank you Axel for your counsel etc.

    Yours, Malcolm
    AxelWulff ·
    Yes, I had the grille made. I started with an old grille and removed the black horizontal slats and epoxied stainless steel mesh on the rear side. Shaping the stainless steel took a bit of persuasion, but it's held up quite good over the past four years.

    It's still mostly the original grille though.
    toxonix ·
    Hi, did you have a grille built for your SEC? Mine is gone and I'm trying to come up with something that isn't the plastic OEM piece for $500+.
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