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  • ddilillo ·
    Can I borrow or rent your spring compressor. My son bought a e55 AMG and the springs are shot. Rides too low so the front end camber cant be adjusted. Be happy to give you a credit card to hold.


    Dean Di Lillo
    Jevo2 ·
    I need the whole Mirror and its attached parts. My mirror is barely hang'n on. The adjustment lever is broken. If you have an electric one fo you also have the wireing harness and the electric knob for center console.
    Jevo2 ·
    I beleive i bought something from you awhile back. I was just wondering, do you have a Driverside Black door Mirror, Mirror, rubber and adjustment lever or electric knob?
    300E91 ·
    Clear coat is intact, no dents or rust. Front jack holes are repaired, but panel cut away around them. Radiator is recent. Engine belts almost new. SLS overhauled, new lines, reservoir. Spark plug wires, clean, supple. Exhaust new. Blower motor replaced, and possibly other HVAC work. Interior is nick free. Headrests work. Front seats orthopedic, all heated and work. Antenna works. Hood insulating recent, but not glued into place. Third row seats good. Headliner is good. Sunroof works.

    Needs all new tires. Has new, strong battery; however, very slow to start. Wondering if because of sitting or indication of problem. Owner reports that the head-gasket and trans are untouched. Oil and TF looked good--oil recent, TF older and not cherry red, but not burnt.

    I didn't press the seller on receipts yet, but will. He's an old guy unloading his end stage.He genuine.

    Is there something I'm overlooking? I've got new copper plugs, fuses, oil filters and brake pads.

    300E91 ·
    I've read your posts for years and respect your experience with wagons.

    I'd like your opinion on a possible purchase. I'm looking at a 89 300te w/ 190K miles.

    I can get it for $1,800. I have a very limited budget to get this car on the road. I know that there are possible risks, but this looks like a very good platform to work with over time. I'm just concerned that I might be overlooking a ticking bomb--other than the wildcards of head-gasket and trans. I can do much of my own work, but not head-gaskets and trans, but could probably do head if I had the workspace.

    Sorry if this is running long, but you know better than most that there are a lot of things to consider before jumping into one of these. I want a wagon, MB or otherwise. I know and love the W124 series.

    I'll be looking at it again tomorrow and would be grateful for your comments before I make a decision.

    message is in two parts due to size
    rdg51 ·
    Thanks for your response. You are correct she is driving to LA, from East Coast. I am in CT, though car has NY plates. It does shift better now that fluid is changed. Still has ~2 sec delay to reverse, less abrupt 1-2 shift. I think it can be adjusted better, and the rubber bush to diff is bad. Can I expect this car to get to LA, and how long can I expect it to last? She is going to school there, and can't really afford to have a car hung up for repair (nor does she have the money to fix--but I would probably pay for repair)
    billybud21 ·

    I read you entry on the block drain for the M103. I have a '92 300E 2.6 that is nearing the 300,000 mile mark and will need a new head gasket in the next year or so. I noticed in the picture you posted that you have the head off of your MB, but the timing chain is in place. Is it possible to remove the head without removing the timing chain? As you probably know, the chain is a problem if you do not have the right tool connect it together. I know that it is usually advisable to change the timing chain when you do the head gasket, but if I can get around it, I would like to.


    Chingiz ·
    Hi augapfel,
    I recently read your post at " Viscous Fan clutch impossible to remove?".
    You were talking about the tool you did a tool from the nail to lock the fan clutch. Would be so kind to send me the pic of the tool? I have a 95 E320 and I think fan bearing is going out soon so was thinking of replacing it but cannot secure the clutch.
    By the way, your posts are wonderful, was enjoying reading them. Actually right now I'm in the middle of changing the pulley and belt on my babe.
    Just in case my email is [email protected], if you have problem attaching them here on BenzWorld.
    Thank you in advance.
    dieselLwagon ·
    I would also like to know if there are some tricks to getting the transmission to shift smoothly since I freshened up the transmission it will take out your teeth on the 1-2 upshift, the 2-3 is not as harsh. Thanks for any reply.
    dieselLwagon ·
    Hello, It has been a while since I posted. Life got in the way. I have transferred all the diesel components from a 1987 300td wagon to an 88 300 te wagon. No small task, but now I am back to dealing with all the wiring gremlins from the gas 88 and trying to convert it to diesel wiring. I am about to finish gutting my 87 diesel, before I send it to the crusher. Any help trying to sort out the differences between the 88 gas and the 87 diesel would be a great help.
    mfagus ·
    Hi there, I have not been active on the forum in a while. I sold my 87 300TD wagon a while back due to a relocation.
    Anyway, I am living out in New Mexico and found a 87 300TD wagon on Auto Trader that is located in LANSDOWNE, PA 19050. he is asking 6500

    It is a two owner car, existing owner is a older guy that has owned it for 10 years and has impeccable records. He said there are a few issues such as a tranny leak, 2 small rust spots, sunroof not working, 3rd seat lower pad missing, and 3rd seat drivers side seat belt is cut.

    If that is not too far from you, would you be interested in checking it out for me? I have no problem shooting a few $$$ your way for the help.
    When I was active on the forum, I know you are a W124 wagon fan (like I am) that knows these cars inside and out.

    Please let me know.

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