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  1. Need help

    W220 S-Class
    To OP, If you want constructive help from the forum, post the OBDII codes related to the transmission and answer questions from my first entry. A run of the mill hand held scanner will not tell you all of the transmission codes, but will provide some information and maybe even pinpoint the...
  2. Need help

    W220 S-Class
    Questions that may help diagnosis. how long have you had the car? mileage last time the transmission fluid changed what spec fluid used last time the adapter plug changed where on the engine and how was the fluid measured (takes a special dipstick) was the engine running and drive in park when...
  3. 2013 GL450 - Losing Oil

    X166 GL / GLS-Class
    My S550 (same engine) consistently goes through a liter between 10,000 oil changes. Just over 100,000 miles on the clock.
  4. Squeaking off and on

    W221 S-Class
    At just under 100,000 miles, I had a groaning front suspension and replaced thrust and control arms on both sides. During the DIY, I noted that the sway bar bushings appeared overly cracked. After test drive, turns out that the groaning had overshadowed the squeaking of the sway bar. I had...
  5. Crankshaft sensor

    W221 S-Class
    CPS are buried on the top port side of the tranny bell housing next/underneath the fire wall. Which means that for DIY without any disassembly means that you can barely see and barely touch the CPS - and cannot see and touch at the same time. To create more room for CPS changeout, consider...
  6. What is the average price for a transmission fluid change at the dealership?

    W166 M-Class / GLE-Class
    DIY for 772.9 transmission flush If you have a 7 speed transmission, here are some great DIY tips for the full flush.
  7. What is the average price for a transmission fluid change at the dealership?

    W166 M-Class / GLE-Class
    Using only 6L of ATF means the indie/dealer did not drain the torque converter. Expect 9L use of ATF for a drain of the transmission and the torque converter.
  8. W210 E420 comments, price?

    W210 E-Class
    I recall the 124 seating a smidge higher than the 210 chassis. Interestingly, the engine in my 400E was the same block in my E420, just married to a newer transmission. The 210 chassis still look good today. Our E420 bought used with 80,000 miles and traded with 200,000 was the best $/year...
  9. Check Engine Light showing O2 Sensor Bank 1

    W221 S-Class
    All 5 of the different MB platforms that I have worked on are accessible for the O2 sensors without removing the exhaust. None were your model, but with perseverance and an open end wrench should be possible.
  10. 2011 GLK350 Trans filter and fluid change

    X204 GLK-Class
    For the 722.9xx Transmissions, great DIY
  11. How my Schrödinger's Cat is coming

    W220 S-Class
    As a nuclear engineer, the comparison of your project car to Schrödinger's Cat just made me laugh a bit of coffee onto my laptop. Good luck on the project - remember - your car will survive in at least one parallel universe!
  12. Aftermarket navigation for GLK250?

    X204 GLK-Class
    Tough to beat Google Maps on an iPhone.
  13. Are M112 Valve covers interchangeable?

    W210 E-Class
    The filler neck is a twist off - just like the cap. If you damage the plastic filler neck during removal (a possibility due to heat and age) the oil filler cap will fit the hole until you order a new filler cap (if you want to).
  14. Suspension noise

    W220 S-Class
    When checking the subframe bolts, be sure to put a wrench on the bolt head and the nut so to counter the reaction force. Otherwise, turning the nut on one side only may strip out the rubber cam lobes on the bushing - and give you even greater headaches for alignment and noise!
  15. Time for Rear Suspension

    W220 S-Class
    When the fronts went on our S430, replaced with Arnott at 80,000 miles. When the back side went south, the compressor went along for the ride at 150,000 miles. Said what the heck, and did a Strutmasters coil over for $2k.