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    loritababy ·
    My name is miss Lorita a single girl, i saw your contact while i was searching on this site (/ and i decided to contact you, i want to be your friend. please Write to me through my email here, { [email protected] } so that i can send my photos to you and tell you more about me I hope to see your mail soon.
    Thanks Lorita.

    { [email protected] }
    dewdaltz ·
    I believe you also did change your brake and reverse lights to LED`s, right? I bought 1156 LED bulbs from SuperBright LED stores but when I install it, it flickers and stop. My problem is that they have harness for all wires. How did yours came along. And how did you hook up your load resistor. Thanks.
    dewdaltz ·
    Do you have the pic on your HID install on how to the D2S bulb sits on the H7 housing? I`ll be getting the MTEC HID as my Christmas gift. Ya hooooo.
    Sunray ·
    Hi AsianBlack R350,

    Can you advice how you tap the wire? If you have pictures will be better. I tried to do smiliar tapping to get power but not sure where i can do it. The headlight/ parking lights all have complicated connector on it. Please help.
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