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  • amusa ·
    I don't remember I have to go thru my receipt that's in my glove box. I think it was around $360 remember I have a CLK 500 that takes 8.5qts of oil. It's mostly a bunch of check list with an oil change.

    How many miles do you have on yours? The reason I'm asking is my Camshaft sensor took a dump at 50K miles. It's very common to replace the camshaft sensor between 40-60k miles. You will know when to replace that sensor. The motor will shut off on you and it's hard to start it back up after the motor cool down then it will fired back up.
    FLCLK320 ·
    I noticed that you had your Service B done in the Spring. There was something about $360 (or so) plus fluid. What was the total cast, if you don't mind? I'm within 1200 miles of my Service B and wondering what the range of cost might be. Thanks!
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