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  • amrstar ·
    Probably have pictures. Main issue was modifying the crossmember for the 617 oil pan which is deeper. Electrical is simple if you are familiar with both cars. Not on this site much so sorry for the slow reply.
    mach4 ·
    In a recent post you said -

    Ok so I was a little harsh. Have done a Dodge Dakota 617 turbo swap as well as a a 380Sl with a 617. Have a '67 250S with a 283 Chevy and 2sp. powerglide. so all is possible. In the end it's about what reasonable and "appropriate." Give it some thought, in the end it's only work.

    I'd love to compare notes on your 617-> 107 swap as that's the one that I did as well. Do you have pictures and any write up on the process? I'm always interested in alternative solutions and better way to do things.

    I was in Charleston in October - it would have been fun to link up.
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