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  1. Does anyone know what walmart's battery return policy is?

    R/C107 SL/SLC Class
    You'll be pleased to know that the replacement battery is still in the car to this day. No idea if it starts though because i haven't touched it in a year :)
  2. W108 3.27:1 complete rear end assembly, suit fintail or pagoda $1250. Located in North Texas

    For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway
    All, I have a complete 3.27:1 rear end from a 1972 Mercedes Benz 280SEL 4.5 that can be used in a Pagoda or fintail. This is a complete assembly including compensator springs, rear disk brakes and calipers. Located in North Texas. $1,250. If you need it shipped, I can strap it onto a pallet and...
  3. Post a picture of your SL thread

    R/C107 SL/SLC Class
    Love it. Welcome!
  4. STAR lowering help

    W220 S-Class
    Careful, if you use the star to adjust height, you could wipe your abc level settings which is not a fun issue to deal with (ask me how I know).
  5. 05 S55 parking brake

    W220 S-Class
    All, the parking brake on my S55 stopped working after I got it back from some body repairs. The handle came off in my hand and the foot pedal does not ratchet to apply the brake. The cable is there but it seems like it's too long. Any thoughts as to what the issue is? I checked in the footwell...
  6. Idle gear on M273

    R230 SL-Class
    So my brother who lives in Winchester England has been talking to me for a few weeks about buying an R230 Mercedes. He's always liked my SL55 and would like to get one for himself. I agreed to help him look for one while I was here in the UK (which I am now). My initial thoughts was to find an...
  7. Modern EFI in the old Benz

    Vintage Mercedes-Benz
    If you're getting 18MPG, you're doing great. I would to struggle to get 14MPG out of any of my 4.5's.
  8. Is there a DIY way to do level calibration?

    W220 S-Class
    Will this work? This is kind of BS, if there are level sensors, they should be able to give you a reading to work from.
  9. SDS Why Do I Need It & Why Can't I Use A Cheaper Machine ?? ............

    W220 S-Class
    ok after some serious fiddling with the com ports on both the host and the virtual machine, I was able to get the system to connect. I'm still having issues with the level calibration but that's another topic
  10. Is there a DIY way to do level calibration?

    W220 S-Class
    All, my car is continuously leaning to the left (05 S55), so much so that tight turns are causing the front fender to bow out. I tried to adjust the height going into both the SDS and using my AUTEL to where I thought that the car is level. The system then asks me to enter a range (4.8-5.5...
  11. SDS Why Do I Need It & Why Can't I Use A Cheaper Machine ?? ............

    W220 S-Class
    Dave, Thanks, I got the external drive to boot up and was able to copy the VM to another drive so now I have a couple of backups. I'm still trying to figure how this setup works and whether a new key is required for a VM instance. This is why I'm not a huge fan of this setup. It's too finicky...
  12. SDS Why Do I Need It & Why Can't I Use A Cheaper Machine ?? ............

    W220 S-Class
    I was going to break out my SDS and see if I could get some more info on the issue with my ABC leaning to one side. I have the type that runs within a virtual machine so that I could use it on any PC. Unfortunately, it appears that the hard drive failed and none of my PC's are recognizing it...
  13. Squeak Squeak bloody squeak

    W220 S-Class
    I have one but I have not used it in years. I prefer to use the autel. As you can see, it's reporting the right information. I just need to understand how to set the suspension up or how to debug from the live data. I understand that the SDS serves a purpose but as I'm able to get into the ABC...
  14. Squeak Squeak bloody squeak

    W220 S-Class
    It's an Autel Scanner (DS708) which I prefer to use as it's self contained and can get into just every system that I've tried to get into. As it's getting into the ABC system and reading code i'd like to concentrate on the codes rather than the hardware. The reason being that if I don't know...
  15. 1972 Convertible soft top advice?

    R/C107 SL/SLC Class
    Quick vin check will tell you. If it's a Euro car of that vintage, it would be a 107043 as the 450SL was only made available in Europe in 73.