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  • donskrin ·
    Al, do you know anything about the 98 SL500 I am considering near you? I will definitely give Arthur and/or his son a call. If you dont know anything about the car would you be interested in taking a look at it and giving me your opinion? Thanks, Don.
    Fwrend ·
    Hey Al - sorry to bother but if you get a chance, can you tell me what you think of these? I'm not feeling the love yet with the 500 (but you may change that :) so I'm still looking around. I like the yellow one - don't see too many of those but the price isn't reasonable I don't think. Offered a trade for my 2004 BMW R1200 CL C but he hasn't countered with anything.

    1973 MERCEDES 450sl

    1974 Mercedes sl roadster 450 price reduced!

    1973 Mercedes Benz 450 SL
    kf6eml ·
    Are you selling the headliner, front overhead (where the visors mount) and the sunroof interior panel?
    If so, do you have pix, and how much?
    SECrider ·
    I just wanted to say that SL is beyond all doubt the most stunning I have ever seen. Those three peice wheels are breathtaking on that car! I bought a set of the 3 piece wheel for my SEC from Germany, but they require the wide body conversion first. I have 18" AMG wheels on my 560 SL and they look great. That V12 make it a truely exceptional piece of automotive artwork! There are few words that can describe a vehicle of this caliber. Judging from your list of cars all I can say is "You da man!"
    Thank you for putting that out there for the rest of us to enjoy. I can only imagine what your other cars look like. (I'm not gay!)
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