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  • bk_spyder ·
    Hey there—didn't see your message till now—Yeah my '77 is about medium noise level. It's not really roaring, but it has a nice rich flowing acceleration sound. It's fun to compare with my neighbor's old chevy V8 truck with straight pipes.

    The first thing I did when I researched r107's was go to a pricey antique car dealer. They had a '79 450SL for $26k sticker. This thing had 60k miles on it and was totally definitely was quiet for a V8 and behaved like a modern car in every way.
    bk_spyder ·
    I went on vacation in FL and fell for a '77 450SL, so I bought it. 5 months later I went on vacation in CA and fell in love with an '88 300SE and bought it, so I hear ya on the SL + SE combo!
    douglascoolgrey ·
    I need to get a pre-purchase inspection done on a 190d turbo near Utica, New York. Can you recommend an independent Mercedes Diesel guy in Central New York? I'm in Washington State, and I'd love to buy an '87 190d.
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