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  • Dave2302 ·
    I'm having a ton of Grief re this new software too, not happy, see my post AT ADMIN in W220, I got here from a link from another forum member, no idea how he found this page, I couldn't :(
    Ears ·
    So... Am I no longer a lifetime member? Also, am I no longer a moderator on 204 and 129? It sure appears as I have lost moderator status and lifetime membership, and can no longer see the premium forum, and cannot moderate posts.

    Can you please provide me an update on my status?
    Ears ·
    Things have gone backward for me... since I wrote last, I am now only showing up as registered... (and staff). recall I was lifetime before this forum platform change.

    Ears ·
    Can you check on membership status for me and in general please? I am seeing recurring posts that lifetime has disappeared. Perhaps you have already addressed this.
    sulaco ·
    Very strongly recommend moving the entire AMG section to BELOW the normal sections. Far too many non-AMG owners simply spot the "w203" or (especially) "w202" in the sub title and start a thread about their C220 not wanting to start. There are more non-AMG threads in there than actual AMG threads. This cripples those forums and chases away actual owners/members who get sick of having to sort through misplaced threads.
    mr chas ·
    Hello. I am cwpalmer and was not able to re-register or obtain a new password under my previous username(which is cwpalmer); i would like to reconnect using that username since I have several PM messages saved there from other members. I do appreciate your assistance.
    Fast960 ·
    Hello ... hopefully you can help me .... I'm no longer receiving email notifications to threads I'm subscribed to ..... I tried settings in my account but indeed have notifications switched on .... I tried switching off and then back on but no change .... Any help would be appreciated :) Thank-you, Fast960 .... David
    Keinenamen ·
    I cannot figure out how to quit my membership.
    I am a physician, but I have never owned anything as classy as my new E350. I came to this forum expecting to find an equally classy community. To my surprise, what I found were ill-mannered, foul-mouthed people who obviously haven't learned civility (much lacking in our present world, alas) or to think through their opinions in an adult manner. Not what I expected from Mercedes owners.
    This is no doubt my fault. I was expecting something obviously far from the actual truth. This forum lessens my opinion of Mercedes. And that saddens me, more than you know, having spent a large part of my life striving to become a member of the Mercedes society.
    This request, by the way, is not secondary to any personal attacks. And certainly not a reflection on the Moderators.
    I belong to other, harsher, forums; it is just that I expected more class in people who own such a good automobile.
    Thanks for helping get me out of here.
    Olu_Adaks ·
    Hi all, i am new to this forum and i hope i'm getting everything right.
    I have an E350 2011 that suddenly develop a fault. It suddenly wrote ESC inoperative and the engine wont start. i waited for a while and i tried it again and the engine came on.I thought that was all until the next time i drove it.After driving for about 20 mins and park, the engine wont start again. The ignition will turn on but the engine wont start until i waited for another 20 mins and everything work perfectly. Does anyone have an idea of what might be going on or wrong with the vehicle
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