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  1. 7 speed tranny

    W166 M-Class / GLE-Class
    First of all the transmission is not sealed and can be serviced, no flushing required nor recommended. (using flushing tool/method is just a lazy/convenient way to do things and often not good for the transmission) The 722.9 has one hole for both fill and drain with a plastic overflow pipe that...
  2. DIY: $0.99 recirculating filter

    W140 S-Class
    So i nearly had a heart attack when i was quoted for whopping $49.99 for that recirculating cabin filter at the dealer and $9.99-$25 for very skinny skimpy filters that appears that you'll need 2. After close inspection and aftermarket prospecting these filters they're nothing more then a fine...
  3. 1999 S420 shakey idle

    W140 S-Class
    I took couple of videos of the idle today for a better perspective of the idle Fuel Regulator I check the fuel regulator and it appears to be not leaking out of the port. However there was not changes in idle when i removed the vacuum line form the Fuel pressure regulator and plugged the...
  4. 1999 S420 shakey idle

    W140 S-Class
    Recently i acquired an 1999 S420 with 127k miles it has this shakey idle that occurs occasionally both in Park and Drive with no check engine lights and no codes (per obd2), rpm stays low around 650 with occasional +-50 rpm deviation, What have i've do so far *Checked and replaced all spark...
  5. 2007 E320 Bluetec gremlins

    W211 E-Class
    So far (since my last post) the E320 has been doing fine and have put in 10k mi, since my last post I've done a transmission filter/fluid, P/S, brake fluid flush and I took my car into the dealer for a campaign recall on a O2 sensor and engine management software update. A. About the...
  6. Tool to remove air box on 2007 E320 Bluetec?

    W211 E-Class
    Your gonna have to remove both air box to replace the filter there no way up just remove the lid of the air filter, your going to have to remove the Y pipe, both L&R fresh-air boot, and the right side airbox your going to have to angle the box to remove it it's a tight squeeze but it can remove...
  7. E350 vs E350 BlueTec

    W211 E-Class
    Get the bluetec, the e350 gasses are fuel guzzlers in the city, and it doesn't have the 392 lb/ft that the diesel has, which moves this car briskly and effortlessly in the city and on the highway and that torque will leave you a big grin, maintenance DIY wise on bluetec can be a challenge but it...
  8. Grille recommendations?

    W211 E-Class
    To me with that huge star in the middle just makes it awful. It just doesn't fit well with W211 appearance.
  9. W211 Power steering flush DIY

    W211 E-Class
    W211 E320 Bluetec Power steering flush DIY Alright here we go again, so the dealer handed me the wrong fluid :mad::mad::mad: and i found out that the Q1460001 power steering oil FE was actually made for the BLUE-EFFICIENCY line up hence the FE acronym at the end of the bottle. Anyways i bought...
  10. W211 E320 Front Shock Disassembly

    W211 E-Class
    You need a "pass through socket", it allows the tip to be exposed so you can grab a hold if it, and it has a hex head on the top of the socket similar to a spark plug remover socket but very short.
  11. Just got a transmission fluid change !

    W211 E-Class
    the E320 CDI has the 722.6 which unfortunately does not have a drain bolt on the TC, but in your C350 you have the 722.9 transmission which is equipped with a drain bolt in the TC, the 7-8 quart is when your completely drain the system, TC, Valve body, channel, pan, Transmission cooler.
  12. 2005 E500 Engine Whine w/video--Can you help me diagnose it?

    W211 E-Class
    You could remove the drive belt on the accories ie ac water pump, alternator, power steering and run the engine a 1-2 mins to narrow down between engine or accessories are making the noise
  13. First Ever Mercedez - Maybe!

    W211 E-Class
    I have a 08 bluetec they're great cars I just under 110k miles I bought this car when it was 90k miles. My mpg averages 27-30 mpg and a full tank of gas @21 gallon will last me for 3 wks to no more then a month and a constant distance of 600 mile per tank. torque on these are amazing that's what...
  14. bought 2008 e320 bluetec need some expert advice

    W211 E-Class
    I called the dealer to check for recalls they said I have a national campaign recall to do I schedule the day it took 4 hrs to do I got the print out that said O2 sensor upstream replacement, battery charge check via star diagnostics, then connect/Disconnect star diagnostic, engine software...
  15. bought 2008 e320 bluetec need some expert advice

    W211 E-Class
    Oil change 10k miles or one year use mobil 1 ESP 10W-40 or 5W-30 Transmission fluid change every 40k miles, use fluid FUSCH titan 4134 or shell ATF 134, DO NOT FLUSH transmission, drain from transmission pan and torque converter, i did this service my self its quite easy but time consuming...