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  • Fast960 ·
    Hi Albert and thank-you for accepting my friend request :) Cheers, David Ps- Sure miss So Ca ..... I lived in Marina Del Rey for 17 years :)
    renbo ·
    I've been looking for your post about using radiator sealant to repair hyd cyls. Can you repost or return e-mail to me. Also I have been studying the odometer and trip odometer and I'll be darne if I can't figure out how to get them out. I have a 91 500sl with V8

    Jayburton ·
    Thank you for your was late that night and I tend to write rather than get to the point. Your right, keep it simple. The girl is an old college trick that works on all's in our genes, that way I get a lot quicker responses, besides, who really wants to see the owner?
    msbarsi ·
    Hey Albert actually you are right: only that I never thought about it lol.
    Now it's official and sealed for life like the tranny in our cars ahaha.


    PS1000 ·
    Hi AAM

    Please could you help me find the 'Coffin Module' I've got a flat battery and can't get into the trunk/boot as there is a problem with the key I'm looking for a way to get the battery charged

    Its a 1995 SL500 UK Spec

    I assume the coffin module you refer to is in the engine bay rather than the vehicle interior?

    I'm guessing it could be the flat topped box on the passenger side of the vehicle which has the round diagnostics fitment? at the front of it

    I've removed the lid of this and there are two 'modules' + a fuse module but there is no sign of a small plastic cover that can be pulled and no obvious sign of the main battery cable. Am I in the wrong place?

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

    Many thanks

    jteichgrab ·
    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Got in trunk and investigated only to find that the hose from the gas cap to the fuel tank is split.
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