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  • iriskw1 ·
    Good afternoon. I saw your old post about sending a PM for Mercedes mechanics that does side jobs in the MD/DC area. I have a 380SL that needs some suspension work. I currently live in Anne Arundel county of Maryland. Care to share their names and contact informations?

    94Wagenmeister ·
    Hey Miles - sorry I've been wrapped up lately. Congrats on the purchase. Do keep me posted. Yes the vibration sounds like mounts - either tranny or motor, or, maybe the flex disc which I remember doing.
    MilesEl ·
    Thanks Scott.

    I went to take a look at the car last night. The guy who was selling it was the second owner and it has been his regular wheels for the last year. He was asking $2,250 but I got him down to $1,600 so I decided to buy it.

    My dad has a '91 300D and his girlfriend has a '93 190 so I am going to have the guy they use, who specializes in older Mercedes, in Stevensville, MD take a look at it. At that price and mileage I figured the worst that could happen is I took it to get inspected by him and he would tell me it needs something major and I could get rid of it for near what I have into it.

    One question I did have is about the vibration while idling. When the car is in gear and idling it has a higher than normal vibration - barely any vibration in park. I thought I've read that sooner rather than later with these cars the engine mounts need to be replaced and that would take care of the vibration issue. Is that an issue that you had with yours?

    Thanks again,

    94Wagenmeister ·
    Hey Miles - yeah my 190E was the only car I ever owned that I truly missed. But, hey it's 25 years old now right? I wouldn't shy away from it, but truth be told with that few miles it has been sitting - maybe for years. Ask for the story. Smell deeply for BS when you hear it. And above all - get it inspected by a knowledgeable Benz tech. In MD they really don't do a "pre-purchase inspection", but, it will be really worth it to have another MD sate inspection done (even if you have to pay for it) - they're really thorough. Look at the top of the opening page for 'recommended shops' in your area. Good luck!
    MilesEl ·
    Hey Scott,

    My name is Miles and I'm in Baltimore. I've only owned one MB for a very brief time before it conked on me so I don't have much experience with them. I am looking into buying a 1987 190E and wanted to get your take on it. Below is the link to the Craigslist ad. I just wanted to see if you thought it was a good deal and what I should look out for with this car.



    Miles L.
    (410) 703.9690
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