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  1. G-concept car

    ewalberg is correct. The Bronco/Defender concept were great. Too bad FORD is in a financial/mgmt crisis. Oh well. I am sure the successor will be fine. 500
  2. SMART now on sale

    Mark, is completely correct. Wait for the 08's. Pricing is already out. $11K-$15K pricepoints. Really good value...can't wait...500
  3. G-Wagen vs. LR Defender vs. Land-Cruiser

    LC, very reliable..Toyota, what do you expect. LR..90, pretty basic, and that just about sums it up. Fun though. However the G500 is the best allround of the bunch. Excellent quality, solid, safe, functional and by far the best of the trucks you have mentioned. I respect the others but, I would...
  4. Any companies specialize in G-class moddification in the USA?

    Speak to Renntech Mercedes in Lake Park, FL. Located in West Palm Beach, FL. 561-845-7888. They can handle your needs and they are the best at what they do. Good luck. 500
  5. 2007 G

    Anytime....No worries..! 500
  6. buying a g-500

    One word...CERTIFIED..!! 500
  7. 2007 G

    Ghunter...Those pics above are NOT U.S. spec G's. That's why you see black bumpers..! U.S. are all color coded to match the body. 07's are coming soon. Yes, Sirius is standard, as well as Xenons. Go back and see my previous posts. I have covered all the 07' updates. BUY THE 07'..!! 500
  8. 2007 Interior Pics

    I will check again, but I have been told emphatically that NO diesel will come in the G. Sorry. The article is not entirely correct. No, teleaid is not available.The G55K horsepower is incorrect b/c it was increased and press released after this article was written. The rest is...
  9. Compare and contrast: 2004 G-500 vs. mid 1990's LR D90

    This is not correct. LR has said publically that the Defender will return on or about 2010. Not before..! TOTALLY NEW VEHICLE..! CERTAINLY NOT THE D110/90 that we all know and enjoy currently. I have spoken to LR in the UK, LRNA and dealers alike. All have NO knowledge of a return b/f this...
  10. Compare and contrast: 2004 G-500 vs. mid 1990's LR D90

    As some have said above...D90s & G500s don't compare, other than being 4x4s. I have had both, and as recently as this month have thought about buying a 90. But frankly, age, service, parts or lack there of, (some are not available anymore, even in Europe) keep me away. For an ALL ROUNDER, you...
  11. 2007 Interior Pics

    Well, there she is..! I saw this interior in Miami at the auto show a few weeks ago. Looks good as I said b/f. Thanks for posting the pic. I had previously seen it a few months b/f. But nothing is better than in person. One last thing..No it is NOT a prototype. It is the U.S. spec 07' model...
  12. Looking into buying G55

    If you buy used..!! Get it "CERTIFIED"...! THIS IS A MUST..!! Next should be standard. Clean inside and out. Well maintained with records, and Carfax, but most important: Buy from a dealer who you trust, and that will stand behind you. Good luck and happy motoring. 500
  13. M5 almost gone. G, here i come.

    Go with the G55K if you are able. It is going to be really nice, a slight bump in power never hurts. As for the M5, I watched the M5board and whoaaa, the issues, especially the tranny. No thanks, and I own 2 BMWs currently. Drove the 07'X5 recently..very nice. But I am waiting for the 07' G55K...
  14. 07 G55 prices?

    Same as 06' in price. If it changes it will only be by a little. NOTHING MAJOR...! 500
  15. 2007 G55k

    Not yet..! Hopefully by late Dec/early Jan. 500