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  • 50$84sd ·
    Hey D&W, your '68 is going to kick ass when you drop it. I just cut the springs on mine, it's probably been about 20 yrs so I don't remember how many coils I cut. I know it went down more than 4". You could probably start with 2 1/2 coils and go from there. The ride is as smooth as stock height and it still has some suspension travel, stock shocks too. Later.
    D&WCali ·
    Hey hows it going?

    I've seen your lowered merc on here. I'm working out the best way to lower my 68 280se.

    Did you cut or reset factory springs?

    I can get a set of use springs for $100 from sun valley dismantlers so just need to decide cut or reset. I'm looking for about 3-3.5" both front and back.

    any advise would be great. how does your car ride lower? stock shocks still?

    thanks in advance
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