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  • latemodel21 ·
    I came across your post from 3-15-09 about the s2000 windscreen

    i found an s2k windscreen that i want to put in my 2002 slk32, but I wanted to use a taller piece of plex in it.

    in your post, you have 4 pics ... it looks like the plex in the last one is taller... is that the 6" one from Ricks that you mentioned?

    is that tinted or smoked?

    does it stay up a high speed?

    is that the size you are still using, or have you found something you like better?

    [email protected]
    cramik57 ·
    whats up crazy daddy? been dealing with the roof and taken some hard nocks from mb. they said the cable was out of adjusment $700. killing me. getting ready to do the brakes soon. any info before i get started? anything to watch for? iam droping the disc and the pads.
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