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  • skullandbones ·
    i just read a thread about you possibly making a reaming tool for our little diesels. i was wondering if you still do this and if it makes any difference as to the year of the car. i've got a 81 300TD. maybe you can shoot me a price on one of these? appreciated.

    300TDriver ·
    Hi there! Do you still have any glow plug reamers for sale, by chance? I've heard nothing but good things about them on the forum! I hope you're still "in business". Thanks!
    TimmahW123 ·
    Thank you for posting the link to the Owner's Manual... I needed one as a reference, I saved and printed out all 100 pages. Greatly appreciated. :)
    300Dman ·
    I put 85w90; not anything special in mine because that is what is available at the local stores.

    It used to be that they had no multi viscosity Differential Oil so the in my case 1984 manual is only going to list what they had in 1984.
    Just for information I would go to NAPA (National Auto Parts) and ask them if they have the straight w90 and if there is any problem replacing it with w85-w90.
    If you have the time to wait for an answer another way to go would ge to Email the maker of the Oil you want to use and ask them what they recommend.
    sierra1194 ·
    I was reading posts about changing the differential oil and came across your posts. I have a 300D 81 and looking to get that differential oil changed but having trouble locating SAE 90. I come up with 85w90 and all sorts of brands and wonder if Mobil 1 which is synthetic is really okay to use in older cars.....? Or should I get 90 as some people have told me but where do I find that? I've called PepBoys, OReilly....short of checking the parts dept at a Mercedes dealer. I'm located in Los Angeles. thanks
    300Dman ·
    I am from Long Beach, CA USA
    I do not know where Royal Oak is?
    Also, except for having tires mounted I have never taken any of my Vehicles to a shop for repair.
    donzi ·
    I'm going to have my car towed to a repair shop tomorrow, any suggestions on a reputable shop near Royal Oak? Thanks for the links also!
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