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Step 1: Click on “Login/Register” button
Step 2: At the bottom of the form, click “Register now “ next to “Don't have an account?”
Step 3: Fill out form and select “Register”.
Step 4: An Account Confirmation email will be sent to you. This contains a link for you to click to confirm you wish to create an account.
Note: Until you confirm your account, you will not be able to post to the forum. Instead, you will be shown a notice that 'Your account is currently awaiting confirmation'. If you need to have another Account Confirmation email sent to you, there is also a 'Resend Confirmation email' link in the notice. This will be sent to the email address currently entered in your profile.

Clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner of any page will bring up a quick access to all your user options, aka User Control Panel (CP).
To customize your account alerts, email notifications, signature, privacy options, and personal information, please go to "Preferences” located in your quick access User CP.

Step 1: To initiate a password reset, go to the home page and click the "Login / Register” link in the upper right.
Step 2:. On the login dialog, click the 'Forgot your password?' link on the login screen and enter either your Username, or your email address.
Step 3: You will be sent an email to your email address of record, with a link to click to reset your password to a value of your choosing. Nothing happens until you go to that link and submit your revised password.

Your chosen username is the one thing in your user profile you cannot change yourself, but the administrators can do it for you manually.
While logged onto the under your current user name, use the "Contact Us" form for your request. Please provide your desired username. You might want to provide several names in order of preference in case your first choice is already in use.

To change avatar (profile photo), navigate to the User CP dropdown and choose “Your profile”, hover over the avatar image on the right of the screen, then click edit. From there you can choose your image file and click “Okay” to save.

To start a new discussion thread, choose “Post New Thread”. After you write the title and content of your post, scroll down and click on the "Create Thread" button.

If you want to reply to a discussion thread without quoting anyone else’s post, simply scroll to the bottom of the discussion thread, enter your text in the box marked “Write your reply…”, and choose Post Reply.

Step 1: Either drag the image(s) to your message (post) or use the "Upload a File" button (right next to "Post Reply") to select your image(s) (max upload size is 5MB).
Step 2: Use the appropriate "Click Here to Insert Image into Post" button depending on whether you want to insert all images or one image into your message.

The “Follow Thread” link at the top of any thread will give you the option to Follow (subscribe to) that thread with or without email notifications. There is a link to all your Followed Threads in the navbar.

Private message: To send a PM to another user, click on their avatar in any of their forum posts, and choose “Start a Conversation”. Alternatively, go to your User CP, choose “Conversations”, then “Start a New Conversation”. Or you can hover or tap on Inbox (next to link for User CP) and choose “Start a New Conversation”.
Follow: Next to the “Start a Conversation” link is a “Follow” link. Your News Feed (found in the User CP) is populated by posts from members whom you Follow.
Ignore: There is an “Ignore” link next to “Follow”, which lets you ignore other members to block from seeing any of their content.