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pfsantos 07-03-2018 09:18 AM

Changing clutch - OMG for real! Not easy!
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Well, I wasn't too scared to attempt this "big" job. I've done a bunch of work on cars, and I've done clutches on easier rear wheel drive cars. But this is quite a step up, especially since the subframe has to come down.

Done so far: Airbox and some tubes out. Covers underneath front out, wheelwells also out coolant drained, steering box disconnected, and a few more things already done.

Anyways, a couple of hiccups. I'm hoping someone can check the particular WIS section and shed some light.

1. Steering u-joint to steering box connection. I removed the bolt that 'squeezes' the aluminum 'block' that goes on the steering box splined shaft, but it seems to be seized on (aluminum block, steel shaft). Just wanna make sure nothing else is holding it on.

2. The fuel line to the engine uses a crimped on clamp. Wondering if the WIS shows to remove and replace these, or whether it shows to disconnect the fuel line further back.

3. Transmission cable connections at tranny. Not sure how these connect (disconnect) from shift mechanism.

That's it for now as far as questions.

pfsantos 07-03-2018 09:20 AM

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more pics

pfsantos 07-03-2018 09:23 AM

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Wheel liners removed make things clearer!

pfsantos 07-03-2018 09:26 AM

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DEVOURS 07-03-2018 01:38 PM

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Sorry Paulo,

I checked the WIS for photos or any type of added explanation with the above questions. Nothing..Nada..Zilch.......No photos whatsoever,.. or words to help ...where and when or how...

They show the rack removed..they show the knuckle removed..etc....and they showed nothing else..that I could find.

Ask Keyhole or another WIS owner..for what I might have missed. I do hope that they can help here....

I searched throughout the section 46

pfsantos 07-03-2018 04:09 PM

Thanks bud! I guess either M-B techs have thorough training in EVERYTHING or they learn by breaking a few things and charge their customers! Lol jk!

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mocab180 07-07-2018 02:10 AM

I have a bunch of data from WIS!EAxwlSID!YB9Rba0a4...brxef_vHgShEiI

I hope that u will find some of it usefull

DEVOURS 07-08-2018 07:12 AM


Does this also help a bit...?..hopefully...

Bert Rowe's-Mercedes-Benz 'A'-class info. Components Parts, Manual clutch

Bert Rowe's-mercedes-Benz 'A'-class info. Gearbox (Manual) Dumbbell replacement, loss of gears , gear box oil replacement. reverse gear and revering light


pfsantos 07-09-2018 03:49 AM

mocab180 and DEVOURS, thank you! Appreceate all the help!

mocab180 07-09-2018 05:12 AM

No problem, it's a bit job. If you need something from WIS, send me a pm and i will try to look it up. There is a really lot of information.

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