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MikeKerr 03-30-2019 06:50 AM

USA supplier for W220 Android Head Unit
Came across this vendor, AVINUSA out of California. Need to do more research, but this is the first "USA" supplier of W220 android head units I have found. Looks like they have technical support and might have some depth of knowledge.

oliverp 03-30-2019 06:59 AM

That looks interesting. I wonder if it would work with Bose systems

Dave2302 03-31-2019 02:00 AM


It does, but only on MOST Cars, not D2B, and does not sound that good, as it is only using 2 Channels from H/U, so you lose F to R Fader as well as half the output power ...............

Always best to delete, (remove) Bose Amp, and use the D2B 6 metre long "LM Benz" Cable, and hard wire the Speakers in using the Method myself and Tiger one and cowboyt etc etc have :wink

Guys, read read read the many threads, a lot of guys have been disappointed due to this, those of us who have done it by removing the Bose Amp are very happy ;)

Myself and others have written reams on this in various threads ;)


gpjlytham 04-09-2019 07:52 PM

The radio in my 2005 is good and doesn't need to be replaced but i want bluetooth for my phone so i can listen to spotify and use the radio to make and receive phone calls. I have bluetooth in a few of my cars and i really miss it in th S500. I bought a Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit W 1.44 Inch Display Supports TF/SD Card and USB Car Charger for All Smartphones Audio Players from amazon for $18 and it works well.

Now i will admit that my lugholes are not the best but for $18 it's an easy fix to get bluetooth to play through your standard radio and the car doesn't look like a hoopty with a flashing stereo.

Hoopty and lugholes, is that a first on this forum?

Dave2302 04-10-2019 12:32 AM


Huachipato 04-10-2019 06:34 AM

The kicker in all these installs is you have to access the trunk to get to the antenna. If you are going to go through the trouble of connecting the Head Unit to the car's antenna, then you are already doing most of the work needed to just wire up the speakers directly to the head unit and bypass the Bose Amp. The F/O interface box is easy install - but it doesn't provide quick easy access to any of the antennas.

Dave2302 04-10-2019 10:51 AM

And they sound much better without the Chinese 2 Ch F/O converter, so direct H/U to Speaker Connection is a much better option, and the only option on an older D2B equipped, (Pre Facelift) Car :wink

cowboyt 04-10-2019 11:01 AM

On the project 2000 S500, I could use the same cable for the car's radio antenna. That would not be so for the car's GPS antenna, assuming you don't want to use the Chinesium "wart" antenna, so in that case, yes, you'd have to run some cable. In that case, it's worth it to just run the LMBENZ-6m cable along with the RCA cables for a future power amplifier, rear view camera, GPS antenna cable, all that. I used the left side of the car, though the right side would've worked just as well, possibly even slightly better.

Dave2302 04-10-2019 11:11 AM

Pre Facelift has the Navi Processor on the back of COMAND, so the Navi Coax is already in, all I did was snipped off the MB Plug and fitted the correct Plug to suit the Erisin, it works a treat ;)

On my R170 I used the Chinesium Wart, as that Car originally had no Navi ..................

I mounted that under the Dash Top Plastic, and that too works a treat :wink

Huachipato 04-10-2019 11:50 AM

OP has a MOST system. The only thing on the back of that head unit is the F/O and power cables (5 total). As best as I can tell all the antenna connections are all in the trunk.

I am pretty close to doing this initial swap myself and up till now just assumed I'd have to live without FM, but having an under dash antenna is a great temporary solution just to get the head unit in place and to do the wiring at a later time.

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