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Dave2302 09-03-2016 01:49 PM

S500 Resurrection, Dave's Thread
Hi Guys,

Managed to get a few hours on the car this afternoon.

@ Smokie,

Thanks again for the reply, I'll bear that in mind when I get to sorting the boot but didn't want to get into fixing the boot too much today, so I just removed the lock barrell / push button and put a cable tie round the rod so I can open it manually, nice and easy whenever I want. Will do for now, until she runs :wink

The humming I could hear is not the PSE vac pump cutting in and out, the car is currently parked next to an air conditioned seafood warehouse, and it's their bloody fridge plant going on and off LOL, right nuisance this afternoon, as I was testing relays, listening for clicking etc.

I'm desperately trying to borrow a recovery truck or trailer, to get it back to my home workshop, but all my buddys are away stage rallying this weekend :frown

I found the Vac (PSE) must be working ok as the car is now locking off the key button, but didn't want to unlock all doors although I did get it to once, maybe needs 2 presses, or only unlocks driver door first, then the others when ignition goes on or some such, not sure how but it did unlock all doors once ??
Wish I had an owners book :laugh

ATM I'm more concerned with trying to get it to run :grin

@ Deplore,

I see your an SDS guru, I'm fairly new, only had it a little while, 2015 version with decent C3 Mux.
Perhaps you can you help with the codes I got, see if you agree with my thinking ??

I think you are right about needing Key ECU and EIS, does it really need the shifter as well ??

I only ask because not getting any errors on Shifter.
Other faults in other systems point to Engine ECU, plus some physical evidence, more of that in a min :wink

Initially sorted temp boot opening system, so I can keep a trickle charge on the car battery while testing to stop the Voltage going down.

Went straight at R/H Fusebox SAM, bridged Starter relay and she cranks like a good un, did a compression test, all great and nice and even :grin

Btw, mileage is only 38,xxx, according to SDS :smile

Next I bridged Air Compressor relay, that runs ok, horn relay, horn works ok, bridged both Engine Electronics relays and then cranked, but will not fire up :frown
Checked all relays for proper function, checked all fuses for proper continuity, not just visual, all OK.

Went to L/H Fusebox SAM, tested relays and fuses, all OK, same with under rear seat fuse box / SAM.

Never got to checking Dash fuses.......more on this in a min.......

Connected Snap On Solus (14.2) would not communicate with Engine or Auto Gearbox ECU, but went into SRS, no faults.
Cleared up debris of removed bits, back seat etc etc, boxed 'em all and put in van to take home, out of the way.
Had a look at ECU, not fitted in Electrics box correctly, and has marker pen on it stating CLK V8, like the breakers yards do, but it also has a sticker from "ECU Doctor" in London.
However, the guy I got car from swears it has been driven, albeit with a faulty gearbox, since this ECU was fitted........
I Dunno, he's a nice lad, known him a while, and he has no reason to lie to me, I'm not moaning I bought the car as a project knowing full well what I am getting into.
I have seen videos on U tube where ECU experts can remove the immobiliser chip from Mercedes original busted ECU and fit it into a secondhand ecu so car will then start ?????????

Was running out of time by now, but got the SDS fired up and this was very enlightening.

Front cigar lighter not working, beleive the fuse is in Dash fusebox, but couldn't find that yet, so plugged laptop charger into back door cig lighter. Is this the same fuse as ECU's are using as a reference voltage ??
Seem to remember earlier today that Auto Data said it was, will check later.
Could this be a reason for lack of communication with Engine ECU ??

I ask this because SDS won't ID car, asked me to manually input Chassis number and then "coded Engine ECU" with F5.
Read all other modules after this and after clearing some old codes, this is what I have left........

Auto Gearbox ETC :- P2063 Voltage Supply to Speed Sensors, won't clear, current code.
Not bothered about that for now, will sort trans when she's running, that's no sweat for me LOL

ESP:- C1504-009 Steering Angle Sensor Not Initialised. Also C1022-025 Can Com With Engine System Faulty.
won't clear, current codes.

Airmatic Suspension :- C1026-128 Steering Angle Sensor Not Initialised. Also C-1027-001 Can Com With Engine System Faulty. won't clear, current codes.

Engine ECU :- Star DAS will not communicate with it.

Now I'm thinking this is either because it's the wrong ECU, or if it has been "ECU Doctored" correctly, maybe there is a voltage missing, perhaps this Cigar Lighter Fuse / Circuit :confused::confused::confused:

Final code is in COMAND, but I think it's because the CD is not fitted in the boot, but I have it here ready to put back in when I'm allowed more time on the car :laugh:laugh:laugh:laugh:laugh

COMAND Code :- N1111-01 No Data Transfer Between D2B Master and D2B Component. Component At Location 1 Reports A Fault In D2B Ring.
Is this why I cant get Radio to switch on, and is it because the CD Player is not connected yet ??

What do you guys think, am I on the right track here and if it needs a S/H Engine ECU, I know the Immobilisers will be locked, so as well as Engine ECU and at least 1 key, prefer 2, what other parts have to be changed so she will start and run??

Once she runs, can the new second hand key(s) from another car be synched to the central locking / alarm on my car. If so how ??

Thanks in advance,
Cheers Dave

pinkster 09-03-2016 03:59 PM

Dave, the steering angle fault is just a reset, you need to turn the steering wheel lock to lock to clear it. Check the W220 encyclopedia for the resets and fuse charts.
When you connect the SDS select - control modules - Information and communications (I think) - EIS and check the Drive authorization (DAS), this will tell you if the ECU, Shifter, EIS and Key are coded to each other or not. The cigar fuse has nothing to do with issue it is on it own fuse.
Run a quick test and post the results. The Comand code will be the missing CD changer, as the D2B ring will not be complete without it. As the car has been sitting the CAN com error may be corroded connections I would check the ECU for signs of this and clean the plugs.

Have you found the year etc from the car yet if not post you VIN and I send the datacard your way.

Good luck.


Deplore 09-03-2016 04:07 PM

The SDS takes the vin from the ECU (on the w220).... Check the connection on the ECU. This is why it isn't cranking. No communication to ECU = the EIS also has no communication to the ECU.

I bet you if you look in the EIS, it'll have tons of can bus commission error with ECU....something like "no communication with engine control unit".

Shifter is part of the immobilizer unit for the car. The ECU and EIS check the shifter..If it didn't match, no start.

Dave2302 09-03-2016 04:31 PM

Hi Pinkster,

Many thanks for reply, very helpful.

VIN = WDB2200752A226824

I think it's a 2002 build judging by SAM date codes circa late 2001, but that's just a guess.

You confirmed what I thought re COMAND, and re Steering Angle, but not worth resetting that yet as I'm disconnecting battery each time, the Car is outside now, 12 Miles from my house near my work workshop, desperate to get it at home workshop, in the dry on lift.

Not sure if I'll get SDS on it tommoz as SWMBO has list of jobs for me to do :laugh

Will try that looking for Drive Auth. Some Mercs I've worked with say "Start Error" on dash display if Key EIS etc is not in synch, this S500 does not say that, dash says "no error".

I'll report back as soon as I get back on it :wink

Cheers Dave

I found several s/h EIS, Key and Engine ECU sets for S500, on EBay UK but no shifter listed, do I definitely need to change the shifter on a UK car ???

pinkster 09-03-2016 04:39 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Yes the shifter is also needed sorry.


Dave2302 09-03-2016 04:42 PM

Hi Deplore,

Just seen your post, thanks, once again very helpful.

So those sets on EBay are useless without the shifter then ???

Thinking back to earlier, SDS ran check, but I don't know if it scanned EIS, cant remember now, thinking about it, there didn't seem to be half as many modules picked up as when I checked a CL600 for a guy on Friday, think that came back with about 30 or so modules.

Gonna have to run SDS on the car again.

Hope I can get to it tomorrow.

Cheers Dave

Dave2302 09-03-2016 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by pinkster (Post 14874041)
Yes the shifter is also needed sorry.


Hi Dean,

Don't be sorry mate, you just saved me paying 150 for a set of bits that are useless without the shifter :smile

Thanks for the prompt reply :wink

Cheers Dave

Dave2302 09-04-2016 03:56 PM

Hi Guys,

Back again, got up early, did SWMBO's job list and got back to the S500.

First thing, looking at that Data Card, looks to me like delivery date is 6th June 2001, am I correct thinking it's a 2001 model, a UK VIN Search suggests it was first registered 2002, does that sound about right ??

I will need this info to get spares right now, until I get registration document :wink

Got hold of a recovery truck, and car was at home workshop by 4pm.

Plugged it up on the Star and got the same codes as yesterday.

Bit more detail..................


I looked at ESM, (Electronic Selector Module), in more detail.

Found "Drive Authorisation Has Been Issued By Control Module ESM, The Selector Can Be Moved Out Of 'P' ".

Looking at Live Data, the Kickdown Switch Operation is not detected even with the pedal to the metal !!
Also of note the + Gear change push button is working, but the - is not. PRND is detected OK as is W/S switch and Brake Lamp Switch. Shifter Lock Solenoid is working fine.


Next up looked at Engine Control Module, but SDS will not communicate with ECU big box in middle of screen comes up saying "Communication Error, Communication With Control Module Faulty", then went on to get "Possible Causes:-

1) You have selected wrong model designation, (Definitely didn't) !!

2) Connection of diagnostic cables, (they work fine on all the other Mercs I've done this week, and plugged it up to my V Class just now and communicating fine with all modules) !!

3) Check K wire at control module................Could be ?? How do I do this, what wire is it and what am I looking for ??

4) Control unit faulty, might be, I am convinced this is the wrong ECU, as it's labelled by a breakers as a CL430 V8 ECU.
But as I said yesterday night, I'm told it was sent to ECU Doctor in London, also it has their sticker / seal on it...........Could they have done stuff to get it to work on this car, like swap the Immo chip from original ECU ??

The seller is still adamant it was driven home after this ECU was fitted !!

DTR (Distronic)

What is this and is it fitted to my car ??

Message on SDS:- "Error during initialising, no link could be established between the diagnostic gateway and the control unit"

"Possible causes:-

1) The voltage supply of the control module is not ok.

2) The control module is not part of the standard configuration, and, for this reason, could not be fitted"

What the heck does number 2 mean ??

Number 1) seems to be a common theme with other faults on this car, see my present conclusions at the end.

TPM (Tyre Pressure Monitoring)

I'm not sure if this is fitted, and doubt the car has the sensors in the valves, just by looking at them.

SDS is telling me to check the power supply at the TPM !!

ESP (Electronic Stability Program)

C1022 - 025 Can Com with Engine System faulty, same as yesterday.

Airmatic Suspension.

C1027 - 001 Can Com with Engine System faulty, same as yesterday.

EZS Electronic Ignition Switch ELCODE (DAS 3)

1) "No communication link"

2) Possible voltage supply problem"

ICM (Instrument Cluster Module)

No Faults

SCM (Steering Column Module)

No Communication


No Communication but according to data card this is not fitted, and I see no sensors on the bumpers :wink

When I moved the car earlier, the steering lock was definitely not on, as I steered it lock to lock to get it out of the tight space it was in, and winched it onto the recovery wagon.

Later I locked and alarmed the car obviously with ignition off and with the key out, but the steering lock is still not on...............

Is this because of the steering angle sensor initialisation code as per yesterday, or does it mean the lock is not working, all the other Mercs I've done with EIS you can here the lock coming on off when you put the key in and out, but this car I hear nothing.

So, to conclude I think either this car has the wrong ECU and therefore the communication errors are because of this, or there is a voltage / earth missing which controls all of these things that don't work................

Remember from the last 2 days................

Nothing controlled by the relays in RH Fuse Box SAM under bonnet works, but if I bridge the relays the Horn, Air Compressor, Starter etc then work surely the horn does not need the Engine ECU to communicate on Can Bus before it will work ??

I have had communication errors on other non Merc cars which have had a reference voltage or small earth missing.
Remember also that my Auto Gearbox ECU says it has a speed sensor voltage problem, which was the original fault on this car before the saga :laugh ................ Again, this suggests to me that there is a feed or an earth dropped out somewhere

SDS also said at some point tonight that I should check circuit 15 relief relay, on one of the tests I was doing, might have been to do with COMAND, as I have plugged the CD back in, but still can't get the radio to work yet.

What is circuit 15, and where is this relay, does anyone know ??

Now please don't get me wrong, I don't mind sourcing and buying a matching ECU, Shifter(especially bearing in mind the Tiptronic - switch error), EIS and Keys if this is going to work definitely, but if I buy it and car is still the same, then I'll be back at Square 1 :laugh:laugh:laugh

So my gut feeling is to get more time tracing feeds etc especially around RH Fuse Box SAM area, as clearly somebody has been in there before, and when I'm satisfied that there are all the right Voltages etc there, if it still wont crank / start, then I'll buy the ECU set.

Any thoughts on this ??

Can anyone tell me where the front cigar lighter fuse is.............This is bugging me, because I've had this on Vauxhalls, auto gearbox draws a ref. voltage from that circuit, and goes into limp mode..............

My front Cig lighter doesn't work, and according to my Auto data the pre 2002 cars don't have a dashboard fuse box, I still haven't found one, although I haven't looked that thoroughly.

Any answers to any of the above would be gratefully received, many thanks in anticipation,

Cheers Dave

Deplore 09-04-2016 04:22 PM

CLK430 uses the same engine as your S500, so the ECU is the same. This is not an error.

W220 does not have steering lock. That's why the shifter is part of the immobilizer system. No shifter, no start.

You STILL don't have communication with the ECU.

Given how many modules in the car say communication error to the ECU, that means either the ECU is bad, or the connection are not fully seated.

By the way, RH front SAM is where the ECU is. I'm amazed that you did all that without physically inspecting the the very least unplug it, look it over, spray contact cleaner and then plug back in.

You have a power probe. Use it to find the blown fuse. S500 has multiple fuse boxes. Left and right front SAM, driver side and passenger side fuse, and the trunk SAM? Something.

Speed sensor in the transmission has NOTHING to do with the ECU communication fault. Don't even try to go there. Start with ECU then work down.

Deplore 09-04-2016 04:24 PM

By the way, distronic is Mercedes lingo for adaptive cruise control. It uses radar to maintain the same speed as the car in front of you. If the spot becomes empty, then it will resume the original speed.

Circuit 15 relay is fairly important. It's a power source too many modules, so if relay doesn't work, many modules don't get power. Use the SDS to find out. When you're on the fault memory section, hit enter on the specific code and then DAS will walk you through the diagnostic portion. Use that to find where the relay is physically located.

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