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F.Zappa 11-14-2018 06:50 PM

SoCal Independent Mechanic Recommendation
I have a 2001 W210 E55 and I'm looking for any recommendations from members who are happy with their indie mechanics for their W210's (potential repairs: front/rear rotors & pads, motor mounts, flex joints in drive shaft, air bladders in front seats). I'm on the west side of LA near Culver City, but would drive a reasonable distance for a fair and competent shop. Also recommendations for a good alignment shop that could replace suspension components and do a great alignment would also be appreciated.

edfreeman 11-15-2018 05:52 PM

There's a whole forum for member recommendations all over the globe:

chewtoy 02-08-2019 03:20 PM

This might be a little far for you to drive, but Ruben's Impors has been handling my neighbor's fleet of MBZ cars for the last decade (at least). I took my new (to us) daughter's '07 C230 there, and they were straight shooters.

They are on the conservative side, but at least you'll get a list of everything that's not up to spec, or getting close to out of spec, as well as what I consider to be honest estimates of how long you have before something becomes a real problem.

Like I said, a bit far for you to go, but that's all I got.

Good luck!

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