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SDplinker 09-09-2018 12:37 AM

Possible A/C drain issue?
Occasional water in the battery area ... chalked it up to it raining (early this year) and coming up the loose / disconnected battery breather tube. Well, noticed more today after doing my brakes...checked it out. Peeled back some of the carpet....passenger and drivers rear floors have water as does at least drivers side footwell. Looks like carpet is coming out. (if there is a tutorial on this, much appreciated).

This sounds like A/C drains from the threads I've researched. What's the item/items I need to remove to get at the drain nipple and the hole in the tunnel? I think it was mentioned there's a vent right near it? The one that blows on the drivers/passengers feet? Just the carpet? I'm not averse to random tubing and/or a soda bottle top fix - Love my car and want to get it back to tip top. Fortunately everything still working ok however, it now explains (I think) the SOS randomly trying to call and saying to visit technician (even though it's obsolete and I've never used it ) and for a 30 minute spell the trunk would not stay closed as if the button was being hit. Had to bungie it shut so I could drive.

Been hot here in CA suspicion is the condensate is just flowing into the car when it should be on my garage floor. Duh - not sure why I never put 2 and 2 together. Never felt moisture from the top of the carpet so it probably just never dawned on me.



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