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neo297 02-06-2018 07:59 AM

Hello all
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I have been a member for a while. This forum helped me when I first got my 560sl and my clk320. I have now added a 2001 E55 to my stable. I love it!!. I had to replace the led screens in the instrument cluster and a few rubber vacuum lines under the hood. My big issue was the 19 inch rims the PO had put on the car the rear 275/40s rubbed on the fender. I wasn't sure if suspension parts or just tire size was the issue. I have replaced all the rear thrust arms and control arm bushings and am waiting on my koni shocks to come in. I ended up putting 275/30 rear tires on , on the 19 in rims these were equivalent tire diameter as the stock tires on the 18 in rims and no longer get any rub. I can say having the proper bushing removal tool is invaluable.My next and hopefully last task are issues I believe are related to the pse pump. First my trunk won't unlock from the key fob or the interior switch. If I take the wires from the pse pump and disconnect and reconnect it will work temporarily. The other possibly related issue is the courtesy lights on the bottom of the front and rear passenger side doors never turn off and the interior lights stay on with door open and close for the extended time frame before turning off. Of course when I get in I just manually turn them off. I think the system thinks a door is still open. I checked continuity through the door push switches and they seem to work properly but pushing them manually or closing the door does nothing. I need to find where the switch is in the trunck to check it as well. The driver's side door lights work as they are supposed to. So the light situation is my next project any thoughts would be appreciated. In the meantime I happy there are no issues with how the car is running it is a powerful fun car that's comfortable for my 6 foot 290lb frame even driving it 600 to 700 miles in a day, longest trip so far. Here are some pics these are with the bigger rear tires 19x9 front rims and 19x10 in rear.

range96 07-08-2018 12:59 PM

Nice car, I have its twin. Mine doesn't have the Navigation and 19" wheels. You'll enjoy it, nice cruiser.

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