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raymond- 09-26-2015 11:57 AM

What have you done for your W210 today/lately?
This thread was created to elicit quick report of TLC or modification not
necessarily worthy of a thread, but simply an opportunity for us to highlight
something, e.g. wash, new shoes, wiper blade, seat conditioner, etc. So, let's
brag or share, folks. :)

I cleaned out my windshield washer tank because the additives in the wash
corroded my sensor and it was reporting 'low fluid' though the tank was full.
A little tooth brushing and flossing did the trick. Natch I've switched to different
fluid. (stay away from RainX orange)

cdvyas 09-26-2015 12:13 PM

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Put Shell premium fuel in it, and am going to wash and wax it in the evening today :)

lupoelsker 09-26-2015 12:21 PM

Oiled the door, and trunk locks. Used the blade keys to work the locks.:)

poddack 09-26-2015 05:22 PM

I replaced that leaky water pump gasket after two years. He's got water instead of coolant but tomorrow I flush that out and use proper coolant. I also put the relay back in the rear window wiper so that works again and cleaned all the light bulbs, that hasn't cured the lamp failure warning or the lack of reverse lights.

Yacht Master 09-26-2015 06:36 PM

Day at the spa,

Full body scrub: Meguiar's Gold auto wash

Manicure: Detailed dash console and steering wheel

Pedicure: Meguiar's Tire dressing

Massage: Carnauba happy ending :(

Fitted her Bra and slathered Armor All, all over it :)

Next she'll probably get hosed at Mr. Shell's, she likes that V-Power Nitro+

todd_raleigh 09-26-2015 07:37 PM

I pushed the windshield wiper fluid button and squirted Rain-X orange on the windshield while the wipers cleaned it up.

sh! i have to replace the rain-x orange?! i really like it... why is it so bad? did it really cause that corrosion?

donalloy 09-27-2015 08:09 AM

Searching for OEM Tool Kit. Really want to get hands on Sunroof Tool. Checking Brakes later. Then take in her beauty while having a Barley Pop!

mauipaul 09-27-2015 05:59 PM

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New cabin filters, used Bosch instead of OEM, they are not nearly as good, having about a third less filtering fins...

Removed all 4 wheels, scrubbed off brake dust and grime, waxed them so they are easier to keep clean . Cleaned all for wheel wells with tires off, calipers, suspension parts accessible when wheels off, used simple green and a scrub brush, took about 35 minutes each, and they look very clean and nice, can see the silver paint.

Clayed car, used Mequiars polish then syn. wax with Griots random orbital polisher. Car looks fantastic ....

gurunutkins 09-27-2015 09:08 PM

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Took a few days to fix my steering wheel using the leatherique steering wheel kit.
Had a few spots where I was wearing into the leather and lots of cracks. decided to go for a slightly lighter grey for a change in contrast and fixed most of the cracks and all of the very worn patches with crack filler. left some of the cracks for a little more character :wink
Very happy with the final result.

GTO71 09-27-2015 10:50 PM

Bought a 1996 Parts car with W210 E55 Rims and new tires, with facelift tail lights, brand new MB rotors, and picked a bunch of small stuff for $1000

A day later sold it for $1200 with the 16 inch rims, tail lights, and even my rotors from my 1996 W210...winning....Craigslist Score

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