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loubapache 07-04-2009 06:16 AM

2-Audio, Interior, Lighting, Body, Trim
NOTE: This thread pays homage to the original DIY sticky started by OBX884 and updated by Storm, Gregs210, JOE55, and Matt L to help reduce clutter and allow for more comprehensive lists of DIY procedures, tips and tricks. DIY/TIPS threads will be updated as useful threads are added to our forum. Should the moderators miss a new addition, please post a message in the DIY/TIPS - Suggestions for the DIY sticky threads

Your BenzWorld W210 Moderators and members offer their thanks to all who have contributed!

Please also visit the General DIY post for more information.


Antenna Fix JamieK

Aux-in mod to OEM head unit, 1996-1998 jc-place

Aux-in mod to OEM head unit, 2000-2002 jc-place

Aux-in mod to Becker BE3100 Hashem.m

Aux-in mod head unit, with Apple Airport Express 2000-2002

CD-Changer Fix omeyhomey

CD Changer, mechanism, fiber issues jjohnv

CD Changer Fix, fiber optic ssnantucket

Double DIN COnversion bmcgin

Head unit DOA - troubleshooting MAVA

iPod Integration W210 (Prefacelift) Thanks Storm for the link

Phone/fiber overview

Radio code - read entire thread for tips

Radio Programming Sequence (PDF) lkchris

Radio volume knob - encoder swap out ddaddy

Satellite Radio/i Pod Install (using cassette adapter) Yacht Master

loubapache 07-04-2009 06:17 AM


Headliner Replacement in Alcantera and Roof rattle fix Yacht Master

Leatherique (with Pictures) Designo E320

Seat Belt Noise, Potentially Dangerous Issue atabibia

Seat Covers, Front, R&R (with Pictures) AE1K

Seat noise, popping, crackling

Seat removal1, Seat removal2, Seat removal3,

Steering wheel swap/removal (with Pictures) gregs210 & G-AMG
Thread 1, Thread 2

Window Regulator Replacement, front

Window Regulator Replacement, rear faizalza

Window Regulator Replacement, rear - pics fabbrisd1

Window Regulator Replacement, rear (with Pictures) Ashman78

Window Regulator rebuilding, rear Kajtek1

Window Regulator/Slider repair, rear, $6.95 (with Pictures) Yacht Master

blade key/Tumbler for models 95-97 leetec/Kajtek1

loubapache 07-04-2009 06:17 AM

Interior Electrical
Interior Electrical

Airbag/sensor locations

Door Lock Actuator (with pictures) Red66gt

Door Lock Actuator Cheap Fix (with pictures) waleedshams

Ignition key, chrome SmartKey raymond-

Ignition key, gen1 SmartKey, battery swap

Ignition key, gen2 SmartKey, battery swap

Ignition key, gen3 SmartKey, battery swap

Ignition key, IR remote key and Repair Guide w210 lover

Ignition key, blade key/Tumbler for models 95-97 leetec/Kajtek1

Ignition key, Smartkey chip transplant

Ignition key, Smartkey cold/broken solder joint

Ignition key,Smartkey case swap out

Ignition key, Smartkey sychronizing

Instrument cluster pixel issue 1 (Starting especially at post no. 19 and following) JP1, allwheeldrive777

Instrument cluster pixel issue 2 (soldering skill required) Dantus

Instrument cluster pixel fix Franasia

Instrument Cluster Removal A1EK

PSE (pneumatic system equipment, aka central locking pump) (with pictures) Cemtey

PSE pinouts epitaxial
PSE pinouts - air
PSE pinouts - air

Seat anomalies

Seat heater R&R gurunutkins, ca_tallguy

Seat sensor, SRS replacement MRBSMITH

Turn Signal Stalk, repairing loose stalk (disassembly) durado

Turn Signal Stalk, repairing loose stalk (drilling) Benzboy210

loubapache 07-04-2009 06:18 AM


Brake light repair - third (aka Dole) brake light 97NJBenz

Brake light switch R&R fosmith

Bulb replacement - Sylvania site

Bumper/corner marker bulb- R&R gregs210

Bumper/corner marker bulb- R&R sokoloff

City/parking light socket R&R lupoelsker

Climate Control bulb replacement 1;
Climate Control pot and bulb

Courtesy Light Replacement, HVAC vent controls (with Pictures) kobus

Fog Lamp Bulb Replacement pics and tips

Fog Lamp Harness Replacement dlafever

Fog Lamp Lens Replacement (with Pictures) Kobus

Fog Lamp Lens Replacement (no pics, just description, in 211 forum but for a 210)

Headlight Restoration (Polishing, etc.) docfuture

Headlight lens rejuvenation (with Pictures) G-AMG

Headlight (Depo) Question & Answer zam2000

HID kit into Depo projector housing 2000 E 320 White Wagon

Headlight HID adjustment - motor/lens bbirdwell

Headlight - dislocated adjuster linkage

Headlight Removal (Pre-Facelift) 007, E-klasse, Rufrob

Headlight wiring restoration-halogen gurunutkins

Instrument Cluster Removal A1EK

Instrument Cluster-Blue LED Mod A1EK+

Instrument Cluster bulb replacement

Instrument Cluster bulb replacement, 96-99 - photos G-AMG

Instrument Cluster LED bulbs Mattrox1221

Lamp Malfunctioning Warning mjhawkins2346

Lamp Malfunctioning Warning - possible causes

Lamp (bulb) Test

LED Applications JOE55

Lighting Tip ohlord

License Plate Bulbs On A Sedan 1 MAE320

License Plate Bulbs On A Sedan 2 Kobus

Taillight tinting (with Pictures) for W208, same for W210jtbeche

Tail Lamps-brighter bulb/socket retrofit stu1021

Tail Lamps-upgrading from 96-99 to 00-02 design raymond-

loubapache 07-04-2009 06:19 AM


B-pillar trim restoration - exterior brandon671

C-pillar disassembly - interior GreenZZZ

Bumper Removal, -facelift models zam2000

Bumper Removal, -facelift models gurunutkins

Door sill repair magna steyr 210.282

Hood Release, stuck
Thread 1, Thread 2, Thread 3

Hood Star R & R (with Pictures) G-AMG

Mirror (door) repair tips

Mirror joystick Wizard1077

Mudflaps (OE, Pictures and Info) POS

Sunroof TLC

Sunroof drain 1 Sunroof drain 2 Sunroof drain 3 Sunroof drain 4

Sunroof stuck open/closed

Truck lock repair pictures MRBSMITH

Trunk liner removal Storm

Trunk Unlocking via PSE pump

Water Trapped After Washing ProV1X

Windshield Trim - lower (JOE55, LorenzoBenzo)

raymond- 07-06-2013 03:53 PM

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