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anthonycarlj 12-21-2018 01:22 PM

service reset
i have a 2013 c250 sport. i was wondering if it is possible for me to reset the service indicator message. the message states that the car has exceeded the b7 service by 6000 miles. my car is not under warranty and i aint going to no dealership to get basic shit done. can someone explain to me how to reset this and if not tell me if the dealership most likely would do it for me if i ask. also what happens if i just never mess with it will it affect my engine at all

jzchen 12-21-2018 02:30 PM

Hopefully it links properly:

jzchen 06-01-2019 12:39 PM

So our car was overdue -940 days but 10000 miles remaining. I changed the oil, air filters, checked and adjusted fluid levels. I attempted to reset and it does not complete. Step 10 says something like “Can not complete service at this time”, or something to that effect.

Looking at a Foxwell NT650 or other device hoping that it will be able to reset, and I can hence finally bring to the dealer for the airbag recall they sent a few notices a long time ago.

Frustrating! Anyone have similar experience that you were able to resolve? I have a feeling it is some sort of protection to not hide service was neglected, or protection against resetting the 10000 miles left.


jzchen 06-27-2019 07:44 PM

I ended up purchasing a Foxwell NT644 Pro. It could not reset the service interval.

It did have an option to revert to before the last service confirmation. Last service I did was B.

I then tried confirming service was done and it was able to reset the B service I did maybe 3 or more years ago!

So now it says Service A is due in 365 days. Should be B, but I’m not complaining. No messages for the dealer to offer service for $$$ while it is in for the front driver and passenger airbag recall.

I believe the system will not allow reset if there is an error/code in the instrument cluster module. I scanned the car and none found there. The failure message also notes it can not reset if it has been less than “100” since the last reset. I am guessing this 100 is km, most likely, or mi, less so. The units were not defined. Since the car has been stored it has not been driven and fails this.

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