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mrcljj 12-19-2018 12:29 PM

Passenger door won't unlock with key
Since about two weeks, my passenger door does not unlock by key press anymore. The other doors unlock normally.
When I open the door from the inside and press the close button on my key, the door closes fine, the pin goes down.

I already removed the door lock actuator and realized that the motor only starts to run when pressing the close-key. When pressing the open key, there is no sound, nothing, and the motor just does not run.

I also tried a replacement door lock actuator and connected it to the door control module, and it has exactly the same behaviour. I also tried pressing down the door-contact-switch, didn't change anything.

So obviously, it seems like the door control unit isn't giving tension to the motor of the door lock actuator when trying to open.

I would try to replace the door control unit next, is that likely to fix my issue? Did anyone have a comparable issue?

W203 C180 no Kompressor, NOV 2000

mrcljj 12-20-2018 10:34 AM

I obviously posted in the wrong forum, but wanted to give a quick update anyway as I solved my problem as this could maybe occur on the W203 AMGs too:
Replacing the door control unit fixed my door lock issue, it works well again. Also, the window of the passenger door did not open by holding my open button pressed, while the three other windows and my sun roof did. After replacing the door control unit, this window opens too!

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