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ben dy 04-11-2018 07:22 AM

i am the proud owner of a 2004w203 c200 cdi t classic, this was my dream car and wash purchased for me as a retirement present, to date i am finding myself renewing genuine mercedes parts from its birth ,i have just purchased a mb11 i carsoft obd as i have an issue ,ie esp faulty on the screen but no other lights etc are shown ,whist i can turn a spanner or wrench technology is a bug bear, can anyone please advise me about this particlar item much appreciated and thanyou

insame1 04-27-2018 10:15 AM

did you get any codes from the scanner? Is you ABS light on by chance?

cowboyt 04-27-2018 10:31 AM

First, welcome to the M-B family! The vintage of car you have is a good one. My mechanic buddy has a couple of W203 wagons now and has a strong respect for the build quality. I wish we got all those CDI models over here in the States like you do; I'm guessing you're in Europe or the UK.

Second, Carsoft is a good general-purpose tool if you're doing a lot of different car models. However, for M-B's of this vintage, what you really need is an SDS setup. They're about $600 for a complete setup. SDS is the only thing that I'm aware of that will diagnose *everythang* on this generation, or newer, of M-B. Given my stable of cars (see my sig), I speak from experience on this point. Carsoft just ain't good enough for these cars, unfortunately; you really do need SDS if you're going to DIY.

If you're getting an ESP code, and that's *all* you're getting, i. e. there's no BAS code or SRS code or whatever could be a few things.

First, the car could simply need a little bit of driving. If the battery's been disconnected, the car's got to run for a little bit to recalibrate itself. Fortunately, the car rechecks itself after every startup, so if that's all that's "wrong", the light should go away after a drive, shutdown, and restart.

Second, there could be a small amount of oxidation, a.k.a. corrosion, on the pins. The solution to that is to disconnect the battery, then exercise the connector a little bit. That means pull the connection apart and put it back together again a few times, just to ensure good electrical connectivity.

Third, you might actually have a faulty ESP module. This is possible, but less likely. Only solution there is to replace the ESP module or send it out for repair, as there are folks out there who can successfully repair M-B electronic modules.

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