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crazyc230 01-11-2018 11:00 PM

eis repair
replaced front sam,now it seems that eis does not lie new sam it wont take key,tke keyand turn but no cran,turn but n liht on dashnochrnk,starts like it shouldthen gauges all loose power,then starts perfect and runs perfect evetthing works.itest eis with scanner nd it has no codes all othere modules each ave 4 faults all is not sending data or not recievin data seem all on canbus.if eis who has a repair kit service to fix ignition module.thank for help 06 c230sport intake,new seonday air pump,left\right check valve,new map,remnufactured 722.9 nd torque converter,esp/abs module,front sam, replaced ac heater climite control.the overhead console replaced(the ac temp fan stil impausable in the ohc all of these modues r the one that dont send or nt revieve messsges(data) plus IA clear all faults once running kill it and if it start back up no codes if it dont crank all codece back.two shops thik eis but not pssitive just soon send it to get repaired and get it over with

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