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Pzn801 07-09-2012 07:17 PM

2.5 Wire Set? Where to Buy?
I have searched before I posted. I have found a partsgeek link but not sure if I trust it. I have a 2006 C230 2.5 V6 I need a wire Set. All 12 of them. If you know a trustworthy link or site. Could you please point me in the right direction. I really don't want to to go to the dealership. Thank you special much in advance as I have spent days looking.

fccthawk 07-12-2012 10:55 AM

Parts Geek is a good site. I use them and Rock Auto a lot. I just replaced my wires with Bosch OEM wires. I think I used Rock Auto and paid 127.79 + shipping - 5% discount.

Pzn801 07-12-2012 03:49 PM

this was for the 2.5 V6? 12 Wires? If so could you please send me your Bosch part #. I would greatly appreciate it. I will also check out those site as well.

fccthawk 07-18-2012 08:54 AM

Its for a 3.2 AMG engine, but if you put your model into either website they will give you a list of parts. If you go to the Bosch site you can cross reference also. Its not hard to get the right part on either parts geek or rock auto.

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