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Cudavanti 10-05-2014 02:25 PM

C36 AMG Restoration Project
Hello people! :grin

I've been a forum member for a while over in the R129 section trying to sort out the mother of all misfires with my SL500. I've been meaning to start a thread for my C36 AMG I bought late last year and am now restoring. Tonights the night i've got around to making the first post...

(If anyone can recommend a good free image host, let me know so I can add pics too).

So a few years ago I owned a great 1997 C280 Sport with a Rieger bodykit, all blacked out, loved it but had to sell it on eventually. After mourning the loss, late last year I bought a 1995 C36 AMG on (I live in France so went over to collect it). It was sold as mechanically sound, but needing cosmetic attention - perfect I thought, since I wanted to customise it to my taste and do a full respray on the bodywork and wheels.

Needless to say, it was not as described, a LOT of deferred maintenence meaning the restyling budget has been spent on more mechanical things, but I still love it.

Work done this year is listed below in the order it was done...
  • 4 x Tyres (Yokohama Advan Sport with rim protector)
  • New Avantgarde chrome grille
  • Cruise Control/Engine Idle Speed ECU replaced
  • Constantly running vacuum pump fixed
  • New black front lights
  • New black front indicators
  • Full set of Philips Nightbreakers/LED indicators
  • Upper and lower front wishbones (Lemforder)
  • Full wheel/steering alignment (twice)
  • Various coolant leaks fixed, coolant tank and hoses replaced
  • Original alloys stripped of corrosion, repainted in silver/dark grey, AMG centre caps (one weeks work)
  • Wheel rebalancing (twice)
  • Gearbox oil change
  • Rear rubber exhaust supports

To come in the next few weeks...
  • New front brake discs and pads (hard to find discs, ordered from MBUK)
  • Rear propshaft coupling
  • Brake fluid change
  • Full set of OEM Bose speakers and Blaupunkt head unit (bought but not yet installed)

After all that, I (and my bank balance) will take a breather and decide what to do next. The steering still vibrates which annoys me a lot, but i'm not sure what bit to replace next. It certainly needs new front shock absorbers (the front left rattles).

The new brake discs will be a pleasure, no more shuddering every time I press the pedal thanks to the old warped discs. Took two days of research to find the right reference numbers for the discs, the first set I bought didn't fit despite being marked as compatible. I've since discovered my car is one of the rare early 1995 ones with unique discs/calipers, different from the 1996 cars and beyond.

The A/C condenser is punctured (as I discovered trying to do a recharge) and the rear windows don't work, but they can both wait until next summer. Next year I want to eliminate all remaining rattles, vibrations and creaks, to make the car run like new again. THEN I can think about a respray. It's currently dark grey, I want it black like my old C280. I'm searching for the right colour, metallic black with just a hint of green, any suggestions/paint codes welcome!

I'll post some pics in the next few days and keep this thread updated as work progresses. Great car despite it's many issues, love the gruff sound of the engine, the subtle AMG features and the fact nobody has ever heard of it - I even love the unrefined clatter it makes at idle.

Anyone is welcome to join in with comments, suggestions, advice and so on.


Cudavanti 10-05-2014 02:27 PM

And perhaps some kind mod could move this to the C36 AMG/C43 AMG section that I just noticed, lol.

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