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GreekBenz89 07-23-2018 07:46 PM

32k miles 1991 560SEC BaT...
So guys heres my gem.. Feel free to check it out live on BaT now !

Dikdaan 07-23-2018 07:57 PM

Man that is tasty! Good luck but I don't think you'll need it!

wilson1010 07-23-2018 10:45 PM

The good: The car is one of a kind, truly an icon of an iconic model and you are gonna get record money on BaT.
The bad: Your photos are horrible.
The ugly: WTH would you not fix the headliner?

The bad and ugly will not matter, you will still put up the record money, but someone had to say it.

magicbigdaddy 07-24-2018 12:09 AM

You are on the money wilson1010. Realistically the car will need 3-5k to make it right. But most likely it will be bought, put away and pop back up again for more money and still need attention. On the other hand where will someone find another? Soon I will be listing a 88 560SEL 040 black on black with 53k original miles. The big difference is this car has been driven and serviced regularly for the last 20 years. Everything documented as well. But will not fetch anywhere where this coupe will end up. Best news is that well sorted w126's will continue to appreciate in value for quite a while and dogs will be dogs. Speaking of driving, got the supercharged SEC licensed up, serviced and ready to make it my DD for the rest of the summer. Really need to do some videos with audio just to add to BW so the car will live on for current and future enthusiasts. That's what it's all about!

bflobob8 07-24-2018 03:08 AM

I actually laughed when I saw the headliner was failing on that car, no matter how nice they are and that is probably the nicest example I've seen, the same exact things always need attention. My guess is that car will approach $50K.

wilson1010 07-24-2018 04:44 AM

Well, I have to admit to a little bit of envy. As you know, I have a 55k 1988 560SEC, black on black, which I claim as perfect (including the new headliner, and the right set of new Michelins (who would put a Turanza on that car)) but it will probably be dumped by my widow when the time comes or captured by one of my destructive sons. Even perfect mine wouldn't touch the price of this poorly offered 1991. It will be fun to see this one go and I agree with Bob's prediction of approaching $50k.

1783pictures 07-24-2018 07:29 AM

Already at 30k.

bondavi 07-24-2018 08:32 AM

Nice car, only two nitpicks I have is I can see the car's had relatively more sun than other similar mileage cars, there's is some fading on the lower speedo, the front seat leather is a bit tight from being sun kissed, the headrest has some deformation (i.e. tightening), compared to say, Henry's 560SEC AMG that recently sold. THAT one had amazing leather.

And it has ASR.

Whats up w/ that steering wheel, though?

bondavi 07-24-2018 08:44 AM

You can see the differences in wood, leather, etc on Henry's car

1783pictures 07-24-2018 08:52 AM

I'd take either one! :)

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