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Originally Posted by frazierfrazier View Post
Psh, floorpan? No one is going to be sitting back there anyway

Quite sure my car had a maaco paint job at some point. I have heard about as many good stories as I have bad ones. If you remove all the trim and maybe do the prep work yourself it’s likely you’ll get a good paint job out of it. Trouble is they’re franchises, so who can really say. Definitely would not trust any in my area.
I bought my car "repainted to Mercedes specs" Ha! It came from Las Vegas, hence no rust but I imagine the paint was faded so the seller had a quick Earl Scheib job done on it. It looked fine from a distance and in photographs but close up - overspray everywhere and orange peel everywhere else. I believe the actual paint might have met Mercedes specs but nothing else. I had it resprayed properly ($5,000 ouch!) and the shop guy told me it would have been at least $1,000 less in prep time if the car hadn't been repainted in the first place. That was 14 years ago and she still looks great.
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Originally Posted by lrg51 View Post
Thats my experience here in western New York. Go to any outdoor car show... and there are tons of them... its almost all customs, Chevy, Ford, Mopar with a few older American cars showing up. My 560SL is typically the only Benz when I decide to get into the show line up. Frankly, the only people who seem to stop for a look are over 60. And they usually show some interest.

Get many more looks when driving or parked on weekend outings. Have only seen 2or3 107s in Buffalo/Niagara area in the past two years.
I haven't seen a 107 on the road in SE WI or, for that matter, in WI in a long time. One of the shows I do once in awhile draws a Mazda Miata--Ford V8 powered--but it's the only other furrin car in the show.
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Certainly not a show car, but "Beater" may be a bit strong! These cars are for driving.

I have a 113 and I drive it in a more protected manner, reluctantly in rainy weather but still I drive it regularly. Took it to Home Depot this morning! It turned 50 in February and is now a bit of a rare beast.

I bought the 107 early this year and I am working it into shape mechanically and will follow on with some cosmetic improvements. These cars are not so rare here in the south. A few weeks ago I saw two on the road within ten miles of home in the same morning. The 107s are a great vintage ride and I can't see going to the expense and effort to improve mine to show class, especially at my age.

Keep it running in good mechanical condition, maintain it at an attractive level and drive it regularly. Not really a "Beater" but a fun and dependable ride which will provide great enjoyment and turn a few heads at the same time.
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Wife mentions that w son home from college this summer I will “have to drive” my 380 a lot this summer.

I just smile.

Few things are better to improve my mood than a drive w the top down.

So I’m a beater guy much more than a show car guy. These cars are meant to be driven. And mine will only win a car show at 10 feet without any competition in its category.
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Fonzi - good thread but debated whether to post here and confess. The question is an interesting proposition to me being a classic Felix Unger type with life-long OCD traits. Not proud of it, just admitting to being an odd duck in this regard (others too for sure) and believe me, being wired this way can be exhausting. Firmly believe these 107s were made to be driven and enjoyed and I do. I try to drive her weekly and average abut 2500 miles annually with her recently turning 80K miles. On the other hand, she’s not driven in rain, always clean/polished and vigilantly maintained mechanically and cosmetically. When she was invited to a classic SL display at Amelia Island three years ago, I didn’t think twice about driving her the 3000-mile round trip. Well, okay maybe I did. So, I was okay about her mechanically but, geez, I was a total wreck worrying about a rock chip. What can I say. . . think I need some Oscar Madison in my life?

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(Thread Starter)
A thought for came over me today. The red beater is in my driveway, with multiple rust issues. I bought it for next to nothing and wonder if my 12 year old daughter would enjoy learning how to fix it up. Even this pile won’t take 4 years to fix up though. I will have to talk this one over with the wife. The thing I have the hardest time with is:

- got this cool 280sl 5-speed in the garage, sucking up valuable project space. I wish I could store it in a barn until I need the space less. I guess I could maybe find another some day.

- got a 1978 450slc 5.0 custom convertible doing the same. Never going to find another one of those.

- got a cool w108 that lives outside but needs work. I don’t want to sell it because I’m afraid I won’t ever find a reasonably priced ow as good as this.

Maybe some day I will be able to have them all fixed up to the level where they are protected well enough to drive every day and keep them outside. Until then I wish I lived on a farm with a barn for storage.

Talk about a “first world” type of problem. “Hoarding” sounds like the real problem I have. Another beater will surely come along. I will keep fixing this beater up to either sell this summer or buy out my project partner on the deal. Maybe I will sell the 280sl instead. I think my wife honestly can’t tell the difference between it and my 280sl. In her defense, aside from headlights, bumpers and wheels (and shifter), they look pretty similar, and I’ve been known to change all those on these cars. Oh... the radio works in the beater, but not my 280sl. I still haven’t gotten to that project. LOL.

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Thumbs up Drivers Vs. THE REST

My 300CD is a 100 - footer at best, it also had 400,000 + miles on it with original paint I try to wax twice a year....

Not a beater, or maybe it is, I love it and would have it fully re$tored so I could begin anew if I were rich .

They're only original once, take it out and DRIVE the damn thing ! .

No point in letting them sit, they were designed and built to be driven hard, far and wide, always with a smile on your mug .

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Well you know my story... Most of my cars have been around the block a few times. Everything got driven. The Nomad and Impala SS were as close to show cars as I ever had, wax them up and take them to the local show, maybe get a ribbon kind of thing...
My MBs have been drivers or clunkers, or as my wife calls BH, a carCASS... I love wrenching on them and driving them so a few dings and cosmetic issues are not a problem for me

I would be scared to drive a real show car, I would turn into Cameron Frye's dad real fast!

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I've only had second-hand cars, however I was always looking for the best money can buy with the budget I had which was usually max €10k per car. There was only one exception to the rule, a 1997 W210 with a 2.2 CDI that I bought for €400 from a farmer. The said farmer treated the MB like a tractor or any other farm equipment, meaning the car never got washed... Or had oil changed regularly, and was rusting as if it spent most of its life at the bottom of a lake, plus it had almost 300k miles on the clock. Surprisingly, after proper wash & valet it turned out to be a reasonably-looking car, and never let me down - always started on a button, even if it was parked outside for 3 months. It's now gone to MB heaven, but in terms of value, which in this case to me is price per km driven - BEST CAR EVER!
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ive built show, ive built beaters..own a lil of both but the BEST cars are the resto mods....the ones that youve built and tweaked to taste, you dont feel bad pushing them to the ragged edge but they can still be shown off ..they wear the rock chips n scratches with pride and the wear just becomes good patina and PROOF its driven

sure my lloyd will be a show car for a while....even with the candy paint ill still drive the tires off it...whats the point of a pure show car if you cant actualy take it out and ENJOY it....may as well park it in a museum and forget about it

theres more too it than beater vs show

beater= that heap of crap you can bearly keep together but keeps going like a rented mule
daily= it does its job like a swiss watch getting you from point a to point b but its nothing to write home about
weekender= too nice to daily, good enough to show but she has her flaws and your not afraid to take her out
survivor= too nice to muck with, original paint may show its ages so may the interior but again its just too nice to not keep it as is
restomod= finished the way YOU want may give its issues but your proud of it and not afraid to take it anywhere
show driver=one step down from trailer queen 1 step up from weekender, its too nice to take out often but it does go out on special ocassions
trailer queen=its driven or pushed on and off the trailer to show only

the last 2 are typicaly looked at as "investments", i cant touch it cause it wont be worth as much

cars are ment to be fully enjoyed with few exceptions things that either just dont exist or were built in so few numbers the world would suffer if one was lost..things like the tucker, as a builder i HATE it when i hear "i cant spend that much cause i wont get my investment back"..if your worried about "resale" your not in it to ENJOY the cars
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