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07-19-2018 11:53 AM
panzernacker All genuine Bosch parts come with a sepecial seal on the box , in the form of a special silver hologram .
Last year i purchased from a very big company in England a set of Bosch ht leads .They came in the same type of box no seal to say genuine . It turned out they were a Chinese copy of Bosch ht leads .Very hard to spot the copy from holding the leads in you hand .It was when you pushed them on to the plug and distributor .They go on with out that click as the circular spring close over the top of the plugs.And would not stay in place . I emailed Bosch in Germany .But before i had a reply i was sent a refund from the seller after i complained to them also. Bosch contacted me and wanted all the information i had on the seller ,i gave it to them . Thats how i know about the genuine parts and copy part .Look for the silver Bosch hologram . Just do a google search on How to spot copy Bosch parts fron genuine ones.
07-19-2018 08:33 AM
Davor Divkovic
Originally Posted by mrboca View Post

You must practice what you preach. You complain about quality of cheap parts, then you end up getting them because you cannot resist the price ?

Many people have good experience with aftermarket parts, and people buy them not because they are "cheap", but they represent "value", meaning, good enough for their specific needs (budget, how long for, critical / non/ critical, replacement difficulties etc.). Many people on these forums provide advice on which aftermarket products can be recommended based on common knowledge and experience, and one should check them prior to jumping into the Ebay world.
I WAS getting them, all those experiences are prior to my decision (recently, granted), no more ultra cheap parts, or deals too good to be true.

I never said not to buy aftermarket parts. I said, don't buy CHEAP aftermarket parts, or god forbid fakes (however, recognising fakes is whole another story). And yes, there are many factors, as you mentioned, such as how long you want to keep the car, etc. That's exactly what I said before: If you want to get rid of the car, then maybe (consider ethics though) buy the cheapest you can get, even then, it may not be proper fit.

Critical/non critical for me is totally irrelevant. If the part is not performing, it makes no difference whatsoever whether it is critical or non critical. Any cosmetic car body part is non critical, do you still want it if its crooked??? A car cigarette lighter is non critical (unless you are chain smoker ), but if it works half the time, do you still want it?

Anyway, lets not turn this into a "Made in China, yes or no", heated topic.

I am just trying to alert others not to go through unfortunate experiences with substandard parts that I went through. Why learn hard way?
At least, one should be VERY weary of Ebay "good deals", don't you agree?
07-19-2018 08:04 AM
mrboca Nobody is suggesting that you buy cheap parts. Never mind about your company, with your car, you are your OWN company, and you should make the judgement call (how much you want to spend, how long you will keep the car, how often, and how hard you drive, how knowledgeable and experienced in installing parts etc. etc. etc.).

You must practice what you preach. You complain about quality of cheap parts, then you end up getting them because you cannot resist the price ?

One thing worse than buying "cheap" items is buying fake items, as not only you pay premium price, but also you get an item of unknown quality and origin. There is no real manufacturer to support it as it is a fake product .

Many people have good experience with aftermarket parts, and people buy them not because they are "cheap", but they represent "value", meaning, good enough for their specific needs (budget, how long for, critical / non/ critical, replacement difficulties etc.). Many people on these forums provide advice on which aftermarket products can be recommended based on common knowledge and experience, and one should check them prior to jumping into the Ebay world.
07-19-2018 07:31 AM
rudeney I concur! Even if your half-price part still lasts half as long, now you are spending the labor cost (or DIY time) to do the job twice, so that's no savings.

The one time I did get a good deal on cheap parts was brakes for my C240. I wanted D+S rotors and ceramic pads. I shopped around and found Chinese-made Centric rotors and Posi-Quiet pads on eBay for right at $300. That was about half the price of name-brands parts (many of which still came from China). It turned out to be a great deal. The brakes worked better than OE and lasted well over 100K miles, with no warping of rotors. But I have many stories like yours where I bought cheap parts and got what a I pad for (or even less!).
07-19-2018 06:36 AM
Davor Divkovic Rodney and mrboca,

In a world there is no getting a good deal by paying cheap (this is not my opinion, I dare say it is a fact). Looking back at all the experiences I had with buying cheap car parts, cheap anything, and even buying cheap parts in (and for) my company (as mentioned before, I am engineering manager and senior process control engineer in an automation company, we are system integrators exactly the same as car makers, we automate systems by putting a system together made up of tens and sometimes hundred components made by someone else, but sourced and chosen by us), there have mostly been bad experiences in short term, and almost 100% in the long term.
I have hundreds of examples where "cheaping out" (as we say) is a "false economy" (another well coined and familiar term, and rightly so). Please consider these and see if you still think cheap parts are a "good deal" (unless you want to patch up the car and get rid of it, and even then I question your ethics):

1. My engine was leaking at front, everything was in oil. The oil came from oil cooler seal. Bought cheap seal ("good deal", a whole half price of the genuine), installed and carefully de-greased the engine. Hours spent. Not a drop of oil after replacement, very happy. However, 1.5 years later (just recently), the seal gave and started leaking (after taking out, the "rubber" was as hard as rock) and before I had time to react, the engine totally crapped up AGAIN! What to do??? Buy a new seal every 1.5 years and spend numerous hours changing it and degreasing the engine??? FALSE ECONOMY. Or buy genuine for double the price that will last another 250000km and 15 years. I let you decide.

2. Bought cheap stabiliser bar (front and back) rubber mounts. Great deal. Very happy, no more squeaks. Well, not until 1 year after, squealing is back. Half price and faulty 1 year after = FALSE ECONOMY.

3. Bought cheap "Meyle" (I think they were fakes) mounts online, Ebay. One day later totally collapsed. When taken out, they completely shrunk and stayed that way. Violent vibration.

4. Bought set of crankcase ventilation hoses, no name, off ebay. Great deal and savings!!! half price of Genuine Meyle, and third of a price of genuine. Its just rubber hoses, what can possibly go wrong??? Everything!!! First, the shape is not proper, when you install plastic intake containing filters, you have to be careful not to pinch the hoses off. Second, diameter was larger so it is very loose on the connections, you have to use cable ties to make it seal. Third, the rubber was so soft that it was actually VIBRATING and making humming noises that had me scared initially until I figured out it was the hoses. Once pinched off, the noise (quite loud mind you) was gone.

5. Bought no name VR for alternator. Granted, it worked perfectly fine for the duration of its life. The life was about 1/2 of the original. Brushes wore out. It was half price, so in a way it did fine for its price. However, there is twice the labour.

6. Bought a good deal serpentine belt, no name. The one on the car was good, nothing wrong wit it (Bosch, no cracks visible, don't know the age). Installed noname and kept Bosch in the boot as spare. On next inspection, the noname is all cracked. Put the Bosch back on and kept the noname as a spare/emergency only. Just received a brand new Bosch (Made in UK). Installed, and keeping original Bosch as spare.

7. Pending EGR valve evaluation, bought off Ebay from Greece (as genuine), $45 US delivered!!! Don't believe??? Neither do I, but link is here:

8. The list goes on.

Do you still believe the cheap deal is a good deal? Only you can ask yourself and decide.
I guess what I am trying to say, is that in the end, you get what you pay for. Of course, you can save if you "shop around" and get the same product for cheaper (providing that you know 100% that you ARE getting the same product and not a fake). Genuine stuff IS the best. But if one cannot afford the genuine, then one must stick to the top aftermarket brands. Under no circumstances should a person go for the lower price range. It is just the FALSE ECONOMY.
I am not trying to be negative in any way here, but just merely stating the facts from my own experiences.

P.S. Examples of "good deals" that we had the pleasure to witness in my company's dealings, are a lot more numerous, I could write a book about it.
07-17-2018 05:51 PM
Davor Divkovic Email from Bosch regarding suspected (by me) fake MAF purchased off Ebay from a seller also selling comic books, that I got in a deal that is too good to be true. See below. No further comments necessary.


Hello Davor

please review , info From product specialist

There is evidence to suggest the product received from the customer is likely not to be Bosch genuine.

We should advise them this and provide the usual buyer beware advice when buying from non-authorised Bosch distributors.

Best regards,

Mark Parlanti

Tel. +61 3 9541-5307

07-14-2018 11:39 AM
mrboca You are right about the quality control. I recently had a problem with the a/c blower which would not shut down even the key is out. I knew the problem was the regulator which I had installed 6 years ago bought from Ebay for $30. I bought the same part from the same vendor (surprised they are still selling the same thing). The part came, and I installed it. No good, no response at all. Then I looked at the old part and the new part, I noticed that they crossed two wires at the connector (input signal, and the 12 V for the electronics). I took pictures and sent them. Refund was issued, no questions. Then I swapped the wires at the connector, and the thing started working. I do not think there is anything wrong with the product design, apart from the quality control issues, I believe the original blower developed a short in the windings so it is taking more current than it should. And I think that is the root cause of the original regulator failure. So I decided to get an upgrade regulator and a blower. I found a slightly set for $60 (OEM parts). Just installed it, and it works great.
07-14-2018 11:09 AM
rudeney I think the problem with "cheap Chinese" parts is not that they don't work, but that the quality assurance processes in their manufacturing is incredibly poor. Sometimes you get a good one, sometimes you get a dud. Most sellers know this and will gladly exchange parts. I've gone through this with phone chargers, computer components and other small electronics. I had one seller ($9 cell phone battery) who would just ship another piece until I got a good one, no need to return the defectives - the fourth one worked. I don't mind this with $9 phone batteries that take a minute to pop in place, but I don't like dealing with it on my car, especially with parts that take some effort to swap.
07-14-2018 10:57 AM
mrboca If you pay for Bosch, you should definitely get a genuine Bosch, no question about it. Have you actually tested the fake Bosch MAF? I wonder how different the output characteristics are compared to the real stuff. A MAF is available for A/F mix control almost 1/4 century, and I do not think the circuitry is so unique or complicated, that cannot be copied, even improved. After all, many people use MB Star clones which have the complexity at least an order of magnitude.

Years ago, My Lexus LS430 had hesitation in acceleration, and I knew it was due to the MAF. Someone gave a Chinese clone of a Denso MAF which was something like $20 compared to $100 that time, and it performed extremely well with improvement in MPG.
07-14-2018 09:45 AM
Davor Divkovic
Originally Posted by gorj View Post
When eBay first started up it was a place where mom, pop, and the kids would have a place to sell their stuff to world-wide customers. Now it has become a medium for many who are low-life's and scum. I have given up on eBay and purchase mostly from Amazon because they have a great return policy. If you are within their return window, they pay return shipping and issue a credit once the item is scanned by the shipper. I am finding that about 20% of everything I purchase anywhere is either defective or not usable and has to be returned. The buyer is now the R & D department! For example, I purchased a simple pump up garden sprayer the other day from a local farm supply store. I put the chemicals and water in the sprayer, pumped it up and just a drip came out the spray head. Back to the store it went! I could go on but I m way off topic.

There should be a whole thread dedicated to purchasing auto parts off Ebay. Goods and bads, but probably mostly pitfalls. Advice on how to spot scammers and fakes. For example, if a person sells comic books and car parts at the same time...
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