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[email protected] 12-21-2016 10:42 PM

Hamana's W I D E AMG GTS | Vossen Forged VPS-314T
Wheel Size: Front: 20x10.5 Rear: 20x12.5
Finish: Full Brush/Matte Clear

Wheels Outfitted By

Mondera Japan / Hamamatsu, Japan

Upon first glance Hamana Japan’s Mercedes-AMG GT S could be easily mistaken as any other—sleek and elegant but fiercely aggressive, lowered on Vossen Forged wheels, and packing that recognizable AMG punch. And for all intents and purposes it really is all of those things and more, and we love the AMG GT S for it. But a closer look reveals something much, much bigger.

You see, our friends at Hamana Japan, who we’ve very appropriately dubbed the “Widebody Masters“, are at it again, and the Mercedes-AMG GT S is just one of their canvases. Hamana has massaged the AMG beast’s panels in such a way that even the designers back in Germany are probably puzzled, creating one of the most beautiful widebody cars that I have seen in recent years.

Although nearly all of the bolt-on widebody flare kits that have took the automotive scene by storm in the last few years are designed in Japan, and much of Japan’s aftermarket is focused on being as flashy and wild as possible, Hamana creates quite the juxtaposition. Where seams, screws, and gasket might be on other cars, Hamana has followed the lines that we can only assume the designers back in Mercedes’ offices would’ve drawn if they could.

When it came time to complete the Mercedes-AMG’s aesthetic, there was really only one option: Vossen Forged Precision Series. Designed and manufactured entirely in-house, in our state-of-the-art, TUV Verified forged wheel factory, the VPS-314T forged wheels that fill the newly-stretched GT S arches measure 20×10.5″ in the front and 21×12.5″ in the rear.

Finished in a custom satin clear by Vossen Japan, the directional forged wheels complete the look Hamana set out create, bringing and angular type of precision to the otherwise-streamlined body.

With more than half of the 2016 events calendar behind us now, it’d suffice to say that we are thoroughly looking forward to what Hamana has up its sleeve next, because this trio of German cars has left our jaws on the desk.

Check out the video :)

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