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Davor Divkovic 07-08-2018 02:16 AM

Ebay Bosch MAF fake or not??? You be the judge
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Hello everyone, please take a look at the following Ebay MAF and judge. Advertised as genuine Bosch, NOT genuine Mercedes (see comments below).

Photo 1 - sticker almost sticked square (almost), promising. It is said that genuine boxes always have stickers affixed perfectly square. Genuine??? 9/10

Photo 2 - ordinary looking seal with nothing special to tell that this is genuine product. I thought all later Bosch boxes come with special seal, code and reference to webpage to check genuineness??? Am I wrong with that statement? My score : 5/10

Photo 3 - Note the standard torx in place of tamper proof torx screw. 4/10

Photo 4 - Coming back to the question of genuine Bosch as opposed to genuine Mercedes. Why is there a Mercedes part number on a genuine Bosch ONLY product. Any other photo of the genuine Bosch on the internet shows Bosch only part number. Also note apparent misspelling of the word “Durchfluss”. Double S in German, I don’t think so. :bash: It should be ß. I am thinking 2/10

Photo 5 - MAF element has no markings on the back??? Highly unusual. Genuine? 3/10

Gentlemen, I think we have a winner here. And a loser, unfortunately. :banghead:

Please give your comments to my statements, whether I am correct or not for each of the 6 points (5 pics). Do you notice anything else that I have missed that screams fake fake fake.

I hope you find this thread as educational as it is amusing.

rudeney 07-08-2018 08:04 AM

Ideally, these sellers could be reported and eBay/Amazon would shut them down. They are very strict on that because they themselves could become liable for IP violations. Any reports of counterfeit items are taken seriously. In fact, there are scammers out there that will use this to their advantage. For example, you go to sell your gently used, genuine luxury item. You take photos and list it on eBay. It sells and you get the payment and ship it. The buyer then claims you sold a "fake" and reports you to eBay. EBay will have the buyer send the item to them for investigation. The buyer will keep your item, but send a fake to eBay. You lose the money, and your eBay account, but the buyer gets a nice item for free. There is really no way to protect yourself from this scam. Even taking detailed photos doesn't work - eBay always sides with the buyer. I've not had this happen to me, but I had a friend who was selling new high-end golf clubs and encountered it.

The problem with counterfeit auto parts is that there are just not enough people who know these products to determine whether or not they are fake. There are plenty of people who know watches, jewelry, purses, golf clubs, etc. but auto parts are already sort of a "commodity" market. It would ultimately be up to the IP owner to deal with it. I looked to see if Bosch had a "hotline" for reporting counterfeit parts, but I can't find one. My advise: Just don't buy critical parts like that on eBay or Amazon. Stick to a reliable source. RM European is one and they are also a Benzworld sponsor.

Davor Divkovic 07-10-2018 06:16 AM

Finally received the MAF, hopefully genuine
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So I received the Bosch MAF today from what is supposed to be reputable seller. I think I got the right stuff this time around. :bowdown:

Photo 1 - fake

Photo 2 - real; note the proper security seal with code to verify online for genuineness (however the seal was already broken, :confused:), probably nothing. By the way, does anyone know why is unreachable???

Photo 3 - fake

Photo 4 - real; quality of the sticker is much better

Photo 5 - real; came in "grease" paper, as it should according to many reports before

Photo 6 - real; came with protective caps (the fake didn't, and its box is slightly oversized)

Photo 7 - real; proper tamper torx screws

Photo 8 - real; insers actually has Bosch markings, the fake has no markings at all, generic crap

Photo 9 - real; there IS NO MB number, and there shouldn't be, no genuine aftermarket Bosch MAF that I have seen has MB part number, just Bosch number.

Please free to comment on these statements. Do you think I am wrong in stating that the first MAF (with MB part number) is as fake as they get, and the second MAF is genuine in every visible way. Will wait for your comments gentlemen.
Looking forward to installing and trying out.

rudeney 07-10-2018 01:57 PM

I'm no expert on fake vs. genuine Bosch parts, but if it coming from a reputable part seller, I feel better about it.

Davor Divkovic 07-10-2018 07:53 PM

Laughing Out Loud
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After referring back to Ebay to check about the seller that I got the (now most certainly fake, still to be confirmed with Bosch) MAF from, this is what I discovered. Please look at the photo below illustrating current range of products offered by the seller (note: they were selling heaps of MAFs before). LOL

NOTE TO EVERYONE: If the deal looks to good to be true, then it most certainly is!!!

P.S. I have sent photos of the new (hopefully fully genuine product) MAF to Bosch Australia (as per their request) for verification of genuineness. Still waiting for results. Will do the same for the suspected fake.

Davor Divkovic 07-11-2018 05:51 PM

Results are back for the second MAF (just received) that is assumed to be genuine product. Here is the email from Bosch Australia:

"Hello Davor

the images I can see , i would expect to be a Genuine Bosch part, please advise details of the vendor you purchased unit from( if in Australia)and I can check if they have purchased through Bosch Australia ,
this is the site address to check product".

Bosch Australia still doesn't comment (even after me asking two times, they just ignore my question) about inability to access website that is supposed to be used for 18-digit code checks. Something is not right there. :dunno:
The other way to check validity is by using the square scan code, which I have used before to successfully check my Bosch lambda sensors, but was broken on arrival this time around. The site that they quote just has some information, it doesn't allow for checks. In fact, it points to for doing the check. I will shoot another email to Bosch Europe, UK or US to find out what is happening with

Still waiting for results about the first, Ebay unit that is highly suspect for being fake. Will update.

I wonder if I could still report the seller and get any money back??? Anybody knows if this is still possible, as the MAF was purchased in December 2017?

rudeney 07-11-2018 06:20 PM

I don't know if it's different in Australia, but here in the USA, eBay's guarantee is only 30 days. Paypal is up to 180 days for us.

Years ago, I used to buy and sell watches on Ebay. Of course they are full of fakes, but eBay is somewhat good about policing them because the major brands (Roles, Omega, Panarai, Gucci, etc. ) are fairly diligent about protecting their IP so they are quick to report infractions to eBay, who will then pull the ad, no questions asked. I became something of an expert at telling the fakes from the genuine watches. I tried contacting eBay, but only the IP owner is allowed to do that. So, back when eBay used to list all the bidder's names, I created an eBay account called "watchoutitsfake" and I'd bid. That stopped most of the further bids, and often I'd actually win the auction. I'd tell the seller that not only was I not going to pay, that I expected them to give me good feedback since I knew they were selling fakes. This worked well until eBay started hiding bidder names.

93SoCal400E 07-12-2018 11:30 PM

This thread is very timely. My CLK500 has picked ups slight tremble at idle that it didn't have before. 33K miles. It started after a 30 mile run from my brother's place in OC. Felt it at first light I hit off freeway.

Anyhow, from my research here the MAF is good place to look, and now I know what to look for.


Davor Divkovic 07-13-2018 01:24 AM


Originally Posted by 93SoCal400E (Post 17484737)
This thread is very timely. My CLK500 has picked ups slight tremble at idle that it didn't have before. 33K miles. It started after a 30 mile run from my brother's place in OC. Felt it at first light I hit off freeway.

Anyhow, from my research here the MAF is good place to look, and now I know what to look for.


Whatever you do, please do not purchase any “Bosch” MAFs from ebay unless you are already 110% sure the seller is reputable and doesn’t sell car parts and comic books at the same time! :nono:

As you are from US, please go to any of the repeatedly mentioned reputable sellers and buy a genuine and real Bosch unit, or if you can afford, a genuine MB one (not from Ebay). You will be glad you did. Save yourself a headache. There are no good deals on Ebay.

gorj 07-13-2018 04:56 AM

When eBay first started up it was a place where mom, pop, and the kids would have a place to sell their stuff to world-wide customers. Now it has become a medium for many who are low-life's and scum. I have given up on eBay and purchase mostly from Amazon because they have a great return policy. If you are within their return window, they pay return shipping and issue a credit once the item is scanned by the shipper. I am finding that about 20% of everything I purchase anywhere is either defective or not usable and has to be returned. The buyer is now the R & D department! For example, I purchased a simple pump up garden sprayer the other day from a local farm supply store. I put the chemicals and water in the sprayer, pumped it up and just a drip came out the spray head. Back to the store it went! I could go on but I m way off topic.

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