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Re: E46 ///M3 vs AMG C32 - BMW vs AMG

whooo whee, we do have a bunch of idiots here don't we? anyway i agree with the original author. M3 is the way to go. BMW does not need another company to make super cars, like AMG> Bmw does not need to create sky high prices. BMW is for those who want performance, luxury, and overall good car. Mercedes is for older people, who want luxury, and some semblance of performace. e 55-slushbox transmission, ugly styling, ugly exhaust, good performance. m5-perfect gearbox, perfect brakes, lovely styling, great quad exhaust, supreme performance. man what editor would want the e55 over the m5. man if i were to spend 80G's on a car, i want to do the shifiting, not some funky computer that trips over its own gears. BMW-brings me women, mercedes-i have old shriveled nuts, but hey i got a nice car. <p><p><p><br>: First I came from, and your board is less talk, fun and lots of stupid opinion. Second I not saying BMW is the best, but look at C&D, R&T, and Motor Trend, who's fast, better handling, resale value. MBZ never into 10BEST from C&D why? not worth of the price, Third E46 ///M3 is less hp than C32 but check out 0-60, 1/4, handling, styling, fit and finish, and fun to drive, everything is better than C32, just like C36 & C43 are slower than E36 ///M3. You guys might think too many teens owned ///M3, Why? cos is more fun car to drive. AMG-C for $53k, I think MBZ is out of their mind.<p>Check out the annual sales for BMW & MBZ, see who sale more cars<br>Check out the JD Power, see who's in 3rd and who's in 10th <br>Check out the article from every mag. from(U.S., European, Japan, Asian)about the ///M5 vs E55<br>Check out the (best forum) <p>///M S3<br>95 E36 ///M3<br>cosmos blk<p><p><p>

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