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Originally Posted by Walt Williams View Post
This is only because man kind has thwarted natural selection when it comes to the human species.
Are you suggesting that man can do things that are supernatural? Haha j/k

However, when it comes to survival of the fittest you may have a point. Man does lean toward tending to the infirmed and as long as the safety net doesn't become a hammock, such action is not only natural to man but also commendable. The problem arises when personal giving and caring for our fellow man become institutions of government... that's when the result is generation after generation of snowflakes.

We interrupt this program to bring you this special announcement...

When I was of school age, the last person on earth I would notify if a teacher found the need to become firm with me was my father. I would have gotten my rear end tanned for having done something that provoked the teacher to react. Today, the teacher, the school, the county, the state and anybody else they could find would be sued, damages awarded, new guidelines instituted and a litany of sensitivity training courses made mandatory... all because a snot nosed kid decided to wise off to a teacher. We bring it on ourselves when we remain silent in the face of such nonsense.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program.

Nobody gets out of this life alive.
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